Who Did Kenny Omega Hire To Attack Jon Moxley? 

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As always, in AEW, it seems like there is a story within a story. With its new PPV-esque event named ‘Winter is Coming.’ Some may think that name is a very poor choice as all fans of Game of Thrones know that Winter is very disappointing.

Although that being said, the event is based around the match between Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley for the AEW championship. Who attacked Jon Moxley last week at the signing that was meant to take place? It is being shown in episodes that this wasn’t Kenny Omega but someone else, maybe someone from Kenny Omega’s past? 

NJPW and AEW crossover finally? 

A lot of people are suggesting that it could be someone from NJPW. With a lot of fingers pointing to KENTA, who has been mentioned by Jon Moxley in his promo. He does currently own a brief case for the NJPW USA championship which Jon Moxley currently owns. This could be a big crossover for the company if KENTA has a match with Jon Moxley and maybe reveals himself at Winter is Coming.

Although it feels like whoever it is, it should be maybe more related to Kenny than Jon Moxley. Maybe it could be someone like Ibushi or Okoda who have both been a part of Kenny Omega’s career in NJPW. If Jon Moxley is going to lose his belt to Kenny Omega this could be a good feud to transition to. 

An old friend lending a hand   

There is one person that could be helping Kenny Omega in AEW. His old tag team partner; Adam Paige. At the end of their match it didn’t really have a heated feud. Meaning that it feels like the story could still be ongoing.

This could mean that Adam Paige could want his old partner to win the match rather than Jon Moxley. If this is the case, it could add more content to this story. He still wanted to be friends with Kenny Omega. Although there is currently a story going on with him joining the Dark Order. Maybe this could be a double cross and this could be the real story behind the scenes.

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