Will Hangman Page Finally Join The Dark Order In AEW?

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From the very start of The Dark Order, when it was just Evil Uno, Stu Greyson and some creepers, they had recruits in mind. One of these potential recruits was always Hangman Page of The Elite. He fit their original motives, being someone down on his luck after losing the first ever AEW World Championship match to Chris Jericho.

Since then, Page has had a lot of ups and downs in his AEW career. He’s at rock bottom after failing to beat Kenny Omega and earn another chance to become AEW World Champion. Page is also no longer part of The Elite, having been kicked out after costing The Young Bucks a gauntlet match due to being tricked by FTR.

But there’s a group still willing to help him in these bleak times. They’ve always been here for him, and maybe it’s time for Hangman Page to join The Dark Order.

The Dark Order Could Bring Hangman Page Back To The Top, And That Helps Them As Well

With Mr. Brodie Lee nursing an ankle injury off-screen, Evil Uno is back to running Dark Order for now. However, it also means they lack their star player, someone to bring gold to the faction. John Silver is the best they have in singles right now, and while he’s incredible, he’s not exactly winning matches. That’s where helping out Hangman Page can benefit both sides.

His loss to Chris Jericho still haunts him, being something he really can’t move past until he holds that coveted AEW World Championship. That’s his main goal in AEW, to win that championship and prove to everyone, and more importantly himself, that he belongs here.

Meanwhile, The Dark Order are sick of being a low ranked faction in AEW. While they’ve had Brodie Lee briefly as TNT Champion, that was their peak. Uno & Greyson failed to win the AEW Tag Team Championships, and Mr. Brodie Lee failed to win the AEW World Championship.

Both parties here need the AEW World Championship to prove themselves. Neither has been able to get it on their own, but Page having the backing and support of The Dark Order? That could just do it.

After next Wednesday, Kenny Omega or Jon Moxley will walk away as the AEW World Champion around their waist, and will need a challenger for Revolution. Do you think that could be a Dark Order led Hangman Page? Will he finally join them, or just keep riding solo? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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