Will Sting Help Darby Allin Beat Cody Rhodes At Full Gear?

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There have been a lot of rumours following Sting and whether he will join AEW. This would make sense with how WWE treated him and also the fact that he was known as the vigilante and that era will fit AEW very well. There is one member of the AEW roster that has the same kind of aura, this being Darby Allin.

Darby Allin had a big match with Cody Rhodes at Full Gear and it started to feel like Sting could turn up to cost Cody the win. More fuel has been added to the fire of Sting coming to AEW. This has come from the fact that all Sting merchandise has disappeared from the WWE stores making a lot of speculation that he’s on his to AEW. 

The History of Sting and the Horsemen (Arn and Tully) 

Looking through the history books, it is hard to find a match when Sting and Dustin Rhodes went up against each other. Although Dusty and Sting did tag and go up against Arn And Tully at that time the 4 Horsemen they.

Both ex-Horsemen are now managers in AEW. Could Sting come back and take down their pupils through Darby Allin? This could also bring together a new faction with Sting at the figure head. It could also bring together both Tully and Arn to work together and therefore bringing together FTR, Shawn Spears and Cody Rhodes to form The Elite Horsemen. 

Could Darby Allin have a new manager and does he need it?

There is the fact that Darby Allin does seem to be missing something in his gimmick. He has also been appearing in the stands like Sting did back in the day watching over his future opponents.

There is also the fact that both Sting and Darby’s gimmicks fit so well together. Putting them together would just feel right and could elevate Darby Allin to new heights in his career. It could also give Sting a platform once again to show how amazing he is which WWE failed to do. 

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