WWE 205 Live Results: Ashante Adonis vs. Curt Stallion vs. August Grey vs. Tony Nese vs. Ariya Daivari

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It’s the 205th episode of 205 Live, so we needed something special. How about a Fatal Five Way match with some rising stars and veterans of the brand! Basically, just anyone but Mansoor, can’t break the losing streak if he only wrestles twice a month. It’s Ashante Adonis vs. Curt Stallion vs. August Grey vs. Tony Nese vs. Ariya Daivari. Winner gets a shot at the WWE NXT Cruiserweight Champion, but who will it be?

Ashante Adonis Wastes Time

As the match started, Adonis would leave the ring and this distraction allowed Nese & Daivari to hit from behind on Grey & Stallion. They would fight off the 205 Live originals, before locking up in the middle of the ring, and being attacked again by Nese & Daivari. Adonis helped to take them out, and then cleared the 205 Live originals, getting a near fall on Daivari after a spinebuster.

Nese & Daivari would throw Adonis out of the ring, and finally lock up with each other despite the crowd chanting that they suck. Grey & Stallion came back in, with Grey going for a rollup, and they showed just how fast they are, but Grey was dropped with an AirDrop from Adonis.

He’d throw Grey into the corner and say it’s his time. Stallion came and crouched next to him, and backed him up, but didn’t know why it was his time. Adonis would be asked why he’s not trying to win the match instead, before slapping Adonis across the face, hitting a big elbow and a double stomp.

Tony Nese & Daivari Had A Gameplan

Nese & Daivari came back in to beat down Stallion again, before Daivari took a moment to drop Grey with a chop. They’d just control the match and the ring, keeping Stallion in there to have someone to pin, if they can decide who gets the shot. A double suplex would be held to let the blood rush to the head of Stallion, before dropping him.

They’d do the same to Grey, but he slipped out and threw strikes before dropping Nese with a kick and hit a facebuster, but Daivari saved the pinfall. Grey would help to move Daivari out of the ring, but took his eyes off Nese who hit the hotshot, but missed the springboard moonsault. The 205 Live originals would send Grey face first into the announce table, and Nese made Vic Joseph flinch.

They’d bring Grey into the ring, but Adonis pulled out and beat Daivari down. Grey rallied in the ring, but took a running back elbow to the face. We were back to the 205 Live originals and one of the rookies, and it’s been a mauling with only short breaks.

August Grey Keeps Fighting

Adonis would take out Daivari and sneak up on Nese, applying a sleeper hold. Nese fought him off, but was sent over the top rope, but Daivari threw him out. Stallion hit the German Suplex, and his signature corner combo ending with a stalling dropkick and the tight DDT, getting a two before Nese got back to the ring.

Stallion would nearly get Nese next, but only got a two count. Grey was back in, and he’s hit a double arm DDT off the ropes for a two count. He’d be hit with a gutwrench slam by Adonis, but Daivari saved the match. Daivari hit the Uranage, but was pulled out of the ring by Grey, only to throw Grey into the ring-steps and send him into the ring for a frog splash.

Grey kicked out at two, and as Daivari was coming off Stallion crashed onto him. This only got a two count as well, and then Stallion took a 450 splash from Nese! Stallion still kicked out, but was set up for the running Nese.

Curt Stallion Has Battlescars

Grey broke it up with a superkick, and the 205 Live originals insurance policy, The Bollywood Boyz would come to beat down Grey.

Adonis would help Grey fight them off, and then came in Ever-Rise, the second insurance policy! Stallion would take out Martel, and Parker was surrounded. Daivari would grab his chain and take out Adonis with a punch, but Grey somehow broke the pin.

He’d dodge the punch himself and plant Daivari, but Nese saved him. Stallion would try to get into the match but Nese stopped him. He’d slip out, and hit a reverse spanish fly off the top, and earned the title shot, busted eye and all!

Will Curt Stallion be able to beat Santos Escobar? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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