WWE 205 Live Results: Ashante Adonis vs. Mansoor

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Ashante Adonis hasn’t had the best win-loss record in 2020, but that hasn’t stopped him from being the most confident man in the ring. Tonight, he has a chance to finally move past Mansoor, who has beaten him every single time they’ve met in singles, and who is undefeated in general. They’ve both learned from The Brian Kendrick recently, will that impact how this match goes this time around?

Playing On Their Knowledge Of Each Other

Adonis would offer a handshake to start things, but got a big shove from Mansoor who didn’t want to play games. They know each other well, why not just get into it? A lockup would follow, and Mansoor got Adonis in the corner. A clean break would follow, at least from Adonis. He’s a changed man, but Mansoor isn’t ready to accept that.

Mansoor took him down to the mat and bent his fingers back, before getting wrist control. Adonis would get control after a brief struggle and get the hip toss. A nice front facelock takeover, and we’re seeing some great technical wrestling from Adonis.

Mansoor would break out and go for a lariat, but Adonis slipped under and went for a back suplex. This would see Mansoor flip back to his feet, and run the ropes, but stop before Adonis hit the dropkick. Despite falling to his face, he would be able to hit Mansoor with a flapjack.

Mansoor got moving in the corner, but Adonis slipped underneath and hit a big crossbody. Adonis would go to the top rope, but be cut down by Mansoor, and hit with the baseball slide, sending Adonis to the outside. Back in the ring, Mansoor got a two count. Some heavy fist drops from Mansoor, and another near fall.

Mansoor & Adonis Have Their Best Match Yet

Adonis would throw some strikes back, before ending up in the front facelock, and wasn’t able to power out. He’d be grinded down to the mat and almost be rendered unconscious. He’d get a rush of power and hit a flapjack, and then a big clothesline.

It’s time for him to get that big comeback, he’d thrown right hands and some lariats. The boot would be caught, and Mansoor would be thrown into the ropes and hit with the Air Drop. He’d go to the top rope, but hit the high crossbody this time.

Mansoor would counter into a pin of his own, only to get up and get trapped in the small package, Adonis getting a two count. Sliced Bread No. 2 would be attempted, but Adonis countered and tried to go to the top rope. Mansoor caught him, hit the driver and this one was over.

When will Mansoor get his title shot? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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