WWE News: Could Drew McIntyre And Sheamus Team Up After Backstage Segment?

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There was an intriguing backstage segment on Raw this past week featuring Sheamus and Drew McIntyre, with the Irish superstar pleading with McIntyre to join Raw’s Survivor Series team. There was clear chemistry between the pair, which should be expected given the long history between the two of them throughout their careers.

The Scot eventually knocked back Sheamus’ plans of having him shoehorned into the Raw team, as he admitted that he was targeting winning his WWE Championship from Randy Orton on Raw next week. But, could this be part of another story between the two moving forward?

WWE News: McIntyre And Sheamus To Join Forces

Sheamus has already done excellent work as part of a tag team in recent history, with his run with Cesaro. However, their team was disbanded as they both intended to have a singles run. Neither have fared particularly well in the singles division, with Cesaro back in a tag team once again on SmackDown. Sheamus hasn’t fared much better, with just short feuds with Jeff Hardy and Big E to shout about.

A tag team run could be precisely what Sheamus needs at this point in his career, and there are few better partners than McIntyre at present. However, there are certainly a number of issues that could stand in the way of this happening. Firstly, the tag division could be slightly below what McIntyre is aiming for nowadays as he is a main event talent on Raw. Meanwhile, McIntyre’s unlikely to turn heel as there is a shortage of faces on the Raw roster.

WWE News: Could Something Else Be Building?

Due to McIntyre being unlikely to turn heel, the tag team idea looks like it will fall short. Sheamus is as unlikely to turn face, as McIntyre is to turn heel, which means that another plan could be in the works for the two of them. There is no mistaking that the two stars are very good friends, and there is a chance that could be used in a rivalry between the two of them moving forward.

Sheamus could get involved in McIntyre’s match next week and cost him his championship opportunity against Orton. That would certainly be the driving force for the rivalry, and it could lead the two of them through to the Royal Rumble in January. If done right, it could be an engaging story.

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