WWE News: Does The Roman Reigns/Drew McIntyre Angle Signal Huge Title Change On Raw?

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It promises to be a huge night of action on Raw this evening, with the standout match being the WWE Championship bout between Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre. The two superstars seem to have been locked in a rivalry for much of this year.

But, their programme will finally come to an end on Raw this evening. But, could the segments from SmackDown this past week point to the fact that there could be a huge title change taking place this evening?

WWE News: McIntyre To Regain WWE Championship

The WWE certainly planted the seeds of doubt into fans heads this past Friday, as McIntyre turned up on Friday night to confront Roman Reigns. It was a huge shock that not many fans were expecting, and it was a strange turn of events given that McIntyre wasn’t even the man that would be taking on Reigns at the upcoming Survivor Series event. The man that is scheduled to take on Reigns is currently Randy Orton, but that could be set to change this evening.

McIntyre will be looking to become a two-time WWE Champion this evening, and what did look like an easy match to call now has an intriguing element that fans will certainly look forward too. It isn’t likely that fans will turn against McIntyre if he does win the championship tonight, as his first reign was a huge success, and he probably shouldn’t have lost the gold when he did.

WWE News: Could There Be Another Shock?

It is worth mentioning that the WWE could have just thrown a red herring to fans, to make them believe that McIntyre is going to win the match. Instead, we could see Roman Reigns make a rare appearance on Raw tonight and cost the Scot the match against him at Survivor Series. Reigns has made a habit out of getting involved in other superstars matches over recent weeks, as he came out midway through the McIntyre vs Jey Uso match last week.

Of course, it isn’t just Reigns that could get involved in the match, as The Fiend has been lurking in the backdrop of this match for a couple of weeks and could flatten both superstars. Meanwhile, it’s also hard to ignore the fact that The Miz holds the Money in the Bank briefcase, and may look to become a two-time champion himself tonight on Raw.

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