WWE News: Drew McIntyre To Challenge Randy Orton For The WWE Championship Next Week, But Will He Regain The Title?

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It was revealed on Raw last night that Drew McIntyre will be granted his WWE Championship re-match against Randy Orton. McIntyre lost the WWE Championship to the Viper at the rest Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, which was a shock to many fans, as many expected the Scot to continue his excellent record against Orton.

However, will McIntyre be able to win his second WWE Championship on Raw next week against Orton? Or, could there be a potential shock in store for fans?

WWE News: McIntyre vs Orton Revealed

Many fans were already predicting that McIntyre will be granted his championship re-match before Survivor Series, and that was officially revealed during last night’s Raw. Orton and McIntyre were both involved in the main event of the show, as McIntyre teamed with The New Day, while Orton aligned himself with John Morrison and The Miz. However, Orton never got involved in the match, which means that it was effectively a 3 on 2 handicap match throughout.

McIntyre ended the match by getting the win after delivering a Claymore, before looking at Orton while the referee counted to three. Orton made a bold claim after the show went off air, as he stated that he would regain the title next Monday night to set up a huge champion vs champion match against Roman Reigns at the upcoming Survivor Series PPV. But, is the Orton win a certainty?

WWE News: Orton Expected To Retain

WWE posted a visual on social media this past week looking at the length of Orton’s title reigns, which teased that the Viper may not hang onto the title for that long. However, it almost seems inconceivable that he will be dropping the title next week against McIntyre. There is a long-term plan with the gold around the waist of Orton, as there is a feeling that he will be defending the gold against Edge at WrestleMania next year.

That poses the question of how do the WWE give Orton the win while also making McIntyre look strong. There seems to be a simple answer to that question in the form of The Fiend, who almost certainly looks like he will be getting involved in that title match in some capacity. The Fiend could cost McIntyre the match, which could lead to a feud between the two, which would also mean that The Fiend stays out of the title picture for the next couple of months.

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