WWE News: Three Ways That Drew McIntyre vs Roman Reigns Could End This Weekend

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Business certainly picked up on Raw this past week, as there was a rare WWE Championship match headlining the show between Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton. McIntyre would go on to win the match after delivering a Claymore Kick to Orton, and set up a showdown with Roman Reigns at Survivor Series.

It already looks as though it could be the biggest match of the year, as both superstars have never been better than they are right now. But, with so much on the line, how could the mega match between Reigns and McIntyre end?

WWE News: Clean Finish

The most unlikely scenario would seem to be a clean finish, as going under could potentially harm the position that either star has been built into. It would make more sense for one of the stars to win, with a victory for McIntyre likely to do a lot for his standing as champion, whole one defeat for Reigns wouldn’t even slightly damage the stock that is in the Big Dog at the moment. However, a clean win for either star looks unlikely, as there will likely be some shenanigans throughout the match, which would lead to a win for Reigns.

WWE News: Jey Uso Gets Involved

Reigns reminded Jey Uso of his duties last week on SmackDown, as he told his cousin not to get involved in business that he hasn’t been asked to. Uso set up a match between himself and McIntyre, which the Scot went on to win later in the night. However, despite being angry with his cousin, there will still likely be a plan for him at Survivor Series this weekend, and he could be crucial in delivering Reigns the win that he craves to show that he isn’t just the head of the family, but also head of the entire WWE Universe.

WWE News: The Miz Finally Cashes In

It feels as though the Money in the Bank briefcase has been hanging around for months now. But, The Miz winning the contract a couple of months ago does seem to indicate that there is now a plan regarding a cash-in. That could potentially come this weekend. We could see this happening following a McIntyre win. Reigns and Uso then beat down the Scot and put him through a table, which allows Miz to pounce. It could also set up a huge potential WrestleMania match for McIntyre against Reigns as he looks to get revenge for the Big Dog costing him his WWE Championship.

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