WWE NXT Results: Drake Maverick & Killian Dain vs. Ever-Rise, In Comes The Kings Of NXT

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WWE NXT Results: Drake Maverick & Killian Dain vs. Ever-Rise, In Comes The Kings Of NXT

It’s time for everyone’s favorite tag team, as Drake Maverick & Killian Dain get a match with Ever-Rise again. Last time they met, Maverick beat them with a steel chair and gave them a win. This was the first time Maverick got any approval from Dain!

Drake Maverick Takes A Beating

Killian would get the early spot in this match, overpowering Parker with ease. He’d let Maverick some in, and we’d see some tag team chemistry, as Maverick tripped Parker and Dain hit a big senton. Ever-Rise would tag advantage of Maverick, hitting some tandem offense on the thrown together team.

Parker would apply a nerve hold on Maverick, before letting him free just to bludgeon him with the turnbuckle. Maverick would fight to make the tag, but after dropping Parker to the outside, he’d follow Parker. This was a mistake, as Parker regained control and Ever-Rise got the edge. During this, Pat McAfee and his merry men would rush the ring and beat everyone down.

Killian Dain and Drake Maverick would be alone to fight off Pete Dunne, Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan. Ever-Rise were dropped in moments, and Maverick was next. Even a big man like Dain is in a bad shape when it’s three on one, and he’d be laid out with a DDT.

The Kings of NXT are here, and McAfee had stolen a camera to give us a great view of his boys.

The Kings On NXT Are Here

They’d laugh like super villains as we went to a commercial break. This faction has untold amounts of potential, with three of the best wrestlers on the brand combined with Pat McAfee on the microphone.

McAfee would say they’re the greatest four men ever assembled in professional wrestling. They’re not a bunch of scumbags like Undisputed Era, they’re men of respect. Tribute would be paid for Undisputed Era, and McAfee would look to hang the banner of this faction in the rafters.

We’d get a quick history lesson on Undisputed Era from McAfee, and Dunne gave his reasoning why he joined them. Don’t forget that Strong turned on Dunne to join that faction! Lorcan and Burch meanwhile, just needed their big break, after being overlooked for years. This is a new era of NXT, and that’s Undisputed.

Instead of putting the banner in the rafters, they’d throw it in the trash and light it on fire. What will be next for The Kings of NXT? Will they be meeting Undisputed Era in War Games later this year, or will we see something different? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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