WWE NXT Results: Ember Moon & Toni Storm vs. Raquel Gonzalez & Dakota Kai

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Ember Moon & Toni Storm recently returned to WWE NXT, and shot right to the top of the division. This bothered Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez, who have been grinding to reach the top. Moon has already beaten them in tag team action with Rhea Ripley at her corner, but can she do it again with Toni Storm in her corner?

Raquel Gonzalez Shows Her Power

Kai and Gonzalez would already be in the ring awaiting the big entrances of Moon & Storm, but they wouldn’t be intimidated. Moon & Storm seemed to be on the same page, as they’d rush the ring but couldn’t find a clean step in until the referee held Gonzalez & Kai back. Storm & Gonzalez would start, and Storm was no match for the power of the big texan.

Gonzalez was like a brick wall as Storm ran into her, and Kai came in for a free kick. She’d take control of the match, but Storm is known for big comebacks, and she’d hit a chop and a basement dropkick to do just that. A snap suplex and a float over into a pinfall would get a two count, and Moon would be tagged in.

Kai was thrown into a clothesline, and they’d work together to take Gonzalez out of the ring as we went to a commercial break. Through picture & picture, we’d see Kai remain isolated in their corner, and Gonzalez eager to get back in. Once she’d get the tag, she’d ragdoll Storm around the ring and take control.

Back to full screen action, Storm would mount a comeback with a flying headscissors, and manage to tag Moon back in. She’d take Gonzalez down with a big superkick, before being thrown into the corner and coming back with a diving codebreaker. Kai would yank her leg and take the attention, distracting as Gonzalez set up a knockout blow of a big boot.

Toni Storm Never Gives Up

Moon was dropped face first onto the apron and rolled into the ring for a pinfall, but Moon kicked out. She’d soon wish she hadn’t, as Gonzalez applied a modified Gory Stretch. Moon would slip out and get some space from Gonzalez, but the big Texan stayed a step ahead, cutting the ring off and hitting a pounce.

Kai was tagged in, and Storm was looking concerned, but would be tagged in for a big signature comeback. She was fresh, and hit some big german suplexes, three in total. A running hip strike and fisherman suplex would get a two count, Gonzalez breaking the pin up, but she’d eat a headbutt from Storm and DDT from Moon, before Storm and Kai would collide into a double down.

A slugfest would end with a big boot from Storm. before she’d go to the apron and be sent into the ring post by Gonzalez. Moon dove in and took her out, but Kai grabbed hold of Storm. However, Storm got the rollup for the win.

After this win, LeRae & Hartwell would attack Storm & Moon from behind. They would seemingly align with Kai & Gonzalez, and with War Games right around the corner, do we have one of our teams? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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