WWE NXT Results: Johnny Gargano vs. Leon Ruff [NXT North American Championship Match]

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The wheels of fate keep turning for Johnny Gargano. After a year of rough losses, he would finally be able to reclaim the NXT North American Championship. Things were looking up, he just needed to make that crucial first defense, something he failed to do twice before. So he rigged the game, set up a match with Leon Ruff… and lost. The underdog became NXT North American Champion, and now Gargano has his rematch. Will Leon Ruff do what Johnny Gargano can’t, and defend the NXT North American Championship?

Johnny Gargano Is Laser Focused

Before the match, we’d get to see a video package all about what makes Leon Ruff a worthy champion, but it’d be interrupted by an irate Johnny Gargano. He would call Ruff a pawn in the game of Damien Priest, and a joke. Gargano would get in the face of Ruff, and hit him with a cheap shot, letting him start on top.

Ruff would be caught in the corner with some hard shoulder tackles, before being thrown across the ring hard. Gargano hit some calculated and well placed punches and chops, taking Leon Ruff very seriously this time around. He’s not giving him any space, so Ruff would take some with some quick strikes of his own, before slipping to the apron and using his agility to try to get past Gargano.

He’d be caught, but counter a back suplex and land on his feet. Some fancy footwork on the ropes would lead to a hurricarana, and nailed a dropkick, sending Gargano to the outside. A springboard plancha off to the ropes to the outside would wipe out Gargano, and back in the ring Ruff went for the Crucifix pin that won him the title.

Leon Ruff Has One Supporter

Gargano would counter this, and hit the Lawn Dart into the corner. He’d follow this up with a second, ragdolling Ruff. The kneeling superkick would be set up, and came to the ramp. Ruff got the rollup, but only a two count.

Leon Ruff

came to the ramp. Ruff got the rollup, but only a two count.

Gargano would throw Ruff into the ropes, and he’d come back with lariat, and miss a big senton bomb off the top tope. Ruff would be hit with a big superkick, a powerbomb, and the One Final Beat DDT. Priest would pull Leon Ruff out of the ring, say ‘Sorry kid’ before decking him. Leon Ruff retains via DQ, and he just did what Gargano couldn’t, defend a championship!

Ruff showed just how good he was in this match despite the screwy finish, looking natural in the ring alongside Gargano.

Later That Night…

Ruff would let both Priest & Gargano know he’s no joke. He’d overhear Priest talking to Regal, and slap him in the face. Later in the night, Priest would end up in a brawl with Gargano, and just when he was in control, Ruff came into the mix.

He’d assert his dominance as champion, and pick two fights in the process. This is setting up a big Triple Threat match for the North American Championship. Will Ruff hold onto the NXT North American Championship a bit longer? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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