WWE NXT Results: Sam Gradwell vs. Joe Coffey

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Two weeks ago, Joe Coffey and the rest of Gallus would defeat the odd trio of Sam Gradwell & Pretty Deadly. It was Gradwell’s first match in just over two years, and he took the pinfall. He claimed this was because it was a tag team match, and he wasn’t responsible for what happened in those three seconds. Now, he gets to face off with one on one with The Iron King.

Sam Gradwell’s Old Injury Comes Into Play

They’d lock up hard, and Coffey would shove Gradwell into the ropes. Evenly matched in power, lockups wouldn’t make it far, with tenacity being the deciding factor. Coffey would go off the ropes for a shoulder block, Gradwell getting back up and flooring Coffey with a back elbow.

Gradwell blocked a single leg takedown, Coffey targeting the previously injured knee of Gradwell, but he’d find his arm trapped. Coffey was held in the hammerlock and left open to forearms to the face, but the moment he was free he kicked the knee. A knee breaker would follow, and he was cutting Gradwell down.

He’d also target the liver with some punches to the lower back, before going back to knee for the single leg crab. Coffey wouldn’t get the hold, being taken to the mat with a headscissors, but once he was back to his feet? Another kick to the knee would stop Gradwell in his tracks.

Joe Coffey Puts Gradwell Down

Gradwell would block a piledriver attempt, but was taken to the mat with an Indian Deathlock as Coffey goaded him on. Eventually, Coffey would just stand on the knees, taunt and stomp the injured knee. Gradwell struggled to his feet to respond to the insults of Coffey, and would throw a big punch and dumped Coffey with a scoop slam.

He’d fight through the pain for one last flurry of punches, and drop Coffey with a lariat, getting a two count. Coffey almost was hit with a Death Valley Driver, but the knee didn’t hold up. Again, Gradwell was on the mat, and a vicious stomp to the knee followed. One Best for the Belles lariat (or Black Coffey if you prefer the old name) and this was over.

During this match, Coffeys eye was bloodied, and he never slowed down. This is why Gallus boys are on top, because they’re the toughest around. Joe Coffey wasn’t able to beat WALTER earlier this year, but could he be on his way to another title shot? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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