WWE NXT Results: Xia Li vs. Raquel Gonzalez

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Xia Li needs to win this match. That’s been her mission for weeks now, as she takes on tougher and tougher competition, her anxieties growing. We still don’t know what the issue is for her, but things are looking bad. Tonight, she has to face down Raquel Gonzalez, a daunting test for anyone. This could be the last we ever see of Xia Li if she loses, so Gonzalez just might be cut down to size.

Xia Li Couldn’t Show Up, Raquel Gonzalez Destroys Boa

When Xia Li’s music hit, Boa would come out instead. He’d look very apologetic, and say that Xia Li isn’t here. Gonzalez would be pissed, and attack Boa instead. Li was the one who called HER out, and now she no shows the match? Boa would be thrown around the ringside area, just being thrown time and time again into the plexiglass.

Gonzalez was already pissed after losing her match to Rhea Ripley, and she’d run through Boa with a big boot. A one armed powerbomb planted Boa, and this beatdown was over. She’d urge everyone to keep her name out of everyone’s mouths before storming off. This wasn’t a complete waste of her time, as throwing Boa around made her look super impressive.

A New Mysterious Figure Appears

Following this, new music would hit and a white dragon would slip around the LED boards. An old chinese man walked out, with a letter for Boa, who was bowing to him at ringside. He’d mark something on the hand of Boa, hand him the letter and bow to him before vanishing.

We hoped to get more answers tonight, but this just gives more questions. There is a higher power at play here, and we’re in the dark. What do you think this storyline will lead too? Why did Xia Li no show this match she set up? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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