WWE NXT UK Results: Saxton Huxley vs. Levi Muir

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Since the restart of NXT UK, things have not gone as planned for Saxon Huxley. He resembled Bruiser Brody as of late, and was able to go blow for blow with WALTER, but it still ended with him staring up at the lights. Tonight, he’s going against the up and coming Levi Muir, and this could be a borderline mugging, as Huxley lets off some much needed steam. Muir is going to be a big name someday, but tonight might not be his night.

Saxon Huxley Is Unstoppable

The match would start, and Muir would quickly find himself in the corner and be thrown across the ring. Huxley took grasp of Muir and kept him close, hitting powerful knees to the sternum. He’d dump Muir awkwardly with a spinebuster and rain down elbow drops.

Muir took refuge in the corner and found a boot in his face. Some kicks to the face would be equally painful and disrespectful. Huxley would head to the outside, and hit a running boot to the face of Muir. Back in the ring, he’d apply a very tight neck crank, and Jack Starz came to ringside to cheer on his close friend.

Muir would mount a slight comeback, and hit a dropkick, dodge a big boot and look for something else… before being swatted out of the sky like a fly. He was then thrown across the ring with a scoop slam, and Huxley dashed across the ring for a running boot, and then ended this with a lariat.

While he can’t win big matches yet, it’s clear that he might rule the undercard if given more matches like this. He is one to keep your eyes on in 2021, as he might be a big win or two from the next level, especially if he keeps his momentum up.

Could Huxley win some big matches in the future? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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