WWE Raw Preview (11/30) – Number One Contender Triple Threat Match – AJ Styles vs. Riddle vs. Keith Lee; Braun Strowman Possibilities

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WWE Raw Preview expects tonight’s main event will be the triple match to determine Drew McIntyre’s challenger at TLC three weeks away.

While this is sure to be a great match, the problem arises that it feels more like a sacrificial lamb being led to the slaughter.

WWE Raw Preview loves all three, but we don’t feel that any of them had any buildup for this for a while, and that could come back to hurt them.

Not a typo

It’s hard to pick a winner because of the WWE’s 50/50 booking mentality, but as much as we’d love to see Styles win due to his track record as a top performer and champion, we think it’ll be Keith Lee.

Lee and Riddle are the future, but rumors persist that Riddle has created a lot of backstage heat and he may only be getting this should because of Keith Lee.

While this is strictly a rumor, it would explain how Riddle’s push stopped all of a sudden prior to the draft.

Though annoying in interviews at times, he’s an awesome talent that should achieve great things in his career.

But that’s not going to happen yet, mainly because the WWE has done a solid job of making Lee unbeatable while having him lose regularly.

Nope, that wasn’t a typo. Lee’s being built up as a huge powerhouse that’s beyond difficult to beat, yet his win total is shockingly low considering he was never pinned.

Instead, he lost in a couple triple threat matches when his opponents pinned each other, or by disqualification or no contest when the match was interfered with by Retribution or whomever.

It’s WWE’s way to making him look strong while pushing other storylines, but we think it’s having the opposite effect, hence why we expect him to win tonight.

If he doesn’t start winning these matches, he’s going to be relegated to the mid card ranks with Riddle, which means it looks like they either don’t know how to book him or injuries are causing problems.

Alternate ending

WWE Raw preview are huge fans of Braun Strowman and feel he should get a serious push and feud with McIntyre, there’s a rumor going around that he has a knee injury.

That’d make sense given his exist last week, but if his injury is just a rumor, then we expect him to interfere in this match in some way and force a Fatal Four Way where he’ll win.

There’s plenty of angles for them to go with, and WWE Raw Preview can’t wait to see how it all shakes out. Who do you think will win? Let us know in the comments below.

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