WWE Raw Results (11/23) – Keith Lee Defeated Bobby Lashley (w/MVP) by Disqualification; Alexa Bliss Defeated Nikki Cross by Pinfall

MVP attacked Lee to get Lashley disqualified; Bliss hit a Sister Abigail type of finisher on Cross on Cross for the win

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WWE Raw Results returned as Riddle approached MVP and asked where Lashley was because he wanted to wish him luck.

He said it’ll be a fight for the ages, and he then told MVP that he has an idea for pizza flavored yogurt and that he could go on for days.

MVP asked him if Lashley would listen to this, and then told him he’s not Riddle’s bro. He appreciate Riddle’s entrepreneurial spirit so he should get them together and come back in a couple of weeks.

Riddle said it sounded like Shark Tank, and MVP agreed. MVP added if they like his ideas they’ll do business, and if they don’t like them they’ll do business.

Keith Lee vs. Bobby Lashley (w/MVP)

The match started with some shoving and Lashley locked in a reverse wasit lock and Lee backed him into a corner to break it.

Lashley ducked a clothesline and kicked Lee and tried a suplex, but Lee reversed it into a side headlock.

Lashley powered out of it and locked in his own side head lock.

Lee picked Lashley up, but Lashley cranked his head lock and refused to let go by pulling Lee to his knee.

They met with a mutual shoulder block, and Lee threw Lashley into the corner and hit several strikes followed by back elbows.

Lashley dodged an avalanche and hit a clothesline and hit a flat liner that Lee kicked out of at one.

Lashley tried to set in a Hurt Lock, but Lee blocked it, then knocked Lashley down with a shoulder block before sending him to the floor with a clothesline.

Lee was about to go off the ropes in a suicide dive, but MVP got too close and Lee went out after him.

Lashley his with a clothesline and hammered on Lee against the barricade. Lashley Slammed Lee against the barricade, the hoisted Lee onto his shoulders and drove him into the ring post as we headed to commercial.

MVP for the save

We returned from commercial and the action was back in the ring where Lashley had a wrist lock slapped on, but Lee was attempting to power out of it.

Lee nearly broke the hold, so Lashley hit with a series of knees and synched the hold in deeper. Lashley then hit a neckbreaker for a near pinfall.

Lashley locked in a reverse chin lock but Lee powered to his feet where Lashley hit a couple of rights.

Lee caught him with an elbow when Lashley tried to go off the ropes, but Lashley hit with a running knee.

Lashley then hit a vertical suplex and readied to slap on the Hurt Lock.

Lee fought off the Hurt Lock, and then frog leaped over Lashley, causing Lashley to hit the ring post.

Lee hammered Lashley, then hit an avalanche and then a shoulder block that sent Lashley to the floor.

Lee hit a running crossbody on the floor and threw Lashley into the ring. MVP shoved Lee into the ring post behind the referee’s back

Lashley tried to lock in the Hurt Lock, but Lee powered out of it.

Lashley tried to slap on a sleeper hold, and Lee fall back, dropping Lashley to the mat.

MVP came in and nailed Lee to cost Lashley the match. Lee hit MVP with a right.

We figured something along these lines would happen since a clean loss could’ve made one of them look weak, though we fail to see how in this case.

Backstage, Nikki Cross was asked about her match, and Cross said she knows what she said last week, but Bliss was the one that gave up on their friendship.

She said she’s done trying, and she understands Bliss wants the Fiend. She doesn’t care anymore, and she’s sick and tired of worrying about her and Bliss’ friendship.

She said she’s going to be the Fiend out of Alexa Bliss.

Alexa Bliss vs. Nikki Cross

Cross started it out by asking what’s wrong with Bliss, then she kept trying to grab her, but Bliss slapped her hand and told her she won.

Bliss ducked Cross’ charge, then his a toe drag takedown and then Bliss rolled out of the ring.

Cross chased her around the ring as Bliss is playing with her, but Cross had enough of it and pulled Bliss out of the ring and hit a spear.

Cross threw her into the ring, and then stomped her, but Bliss never stopped smiling and laughing.

Cross hit a short clothesline while Bliss laughed. Cross hit another, never letting go of Bluss’ hand. Cross hit a third and then pounded on Bliss.

Cross banged her head into the mat yelling at her to listen. Cross jumped on her for a near pinfall, and then hit a diving spear in the corner.

Cross hit Bliss with a series of forearms and threw her across the ring while Bliss begged her not to hurt her.

Cross hesitated as Bliss broke down crying and asked her to help her.

As soon as Cross showed her some compassion, she hit with a face plant for the pin.

Goodbye Undertaker

WWE Raw Results saw an awesome tribute to the Undertaker with various clips and interviews with former wrestlers.

Thank you for everything, Undertaker. Enjoy your well-deserved retirement.

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