WWE Raw Results (11/23) – Riddle Defeated Sheamus by Pinfall; Firefly Fun House

Riddle reversed the Cloverleaf into a roll up pin

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WWE Raw Results joined as the match started with Sheamus still taking offense at his nickname and Sheamus slapped him.

Riddle went for a sleeper hold, but Sheamus reached the ropes and reversed it into a headlock.

Riddle tried again, and Sheamus threw him to the mat.

Sheamus locked in a side head lock and spun Riddle to the mat.

Riddle reversed the hold into an arm lock, but Sheamus powered out of hit by slamming Riddle into the corner and clubbed him down before slapping on his own arm lock.

Riddle fought out of the hold with a series of strikes, and the two exchanged rights in the corner before Sheamus hit a clothesline.

Sheamus took Riddle down with another hammerlock and used a leg scissors to keep Riddle down, but Riddle worked free and locked in an armbar.

Sheamus reached the ropes, then rolled to the floor after the hold was broken.

Sheamus entered the ring and they exchanged blows and Sheamus hit a suplex for a pin attempt, then locked in another hammerlock.

Riddle fought out of the hold, and Sheamus clotheslined him over the top rope, but Riddle countered a Final Flash Knee, but Riddle countered with a kick and hit an Exploder on the floor.

Riddle threw Sheamus into the ring and hit a Broton for a near pinfall.

Riddle hit a series of kicks while Sheamus was on his knees. But Sheamus dropped him with a couple of rights, and then he clubbed Riddle’s chest on the ropes.

Riddle made it back into the ring at the count of 7, and Sheamus hit with an uppercut before he ran into a boot.

Sheamus hit an Irish Curse backbreaker for a near pinfall.

Sheamus hit a shoulder in the corner, and then threw Riddle into the ring post. Riddle ducked when Sheamus charged and Sheamus hit his shoulder on the ring post.

Sheamus caught Riddle’s kick and hit an Alabama Slam as we headed to commercial.

Riddle rises to the challenge

Back from commercial saw Sheamus still in control with an arm lock, but Riddle fought out of it before Sheamus hit a Brogue Kick off the ropes for a near pinfall.

Riddle hit an overhead kick that sent Sheamus to the floor, and Riddle hit a kick on the apron, then a moonsault on Sheamus on the floor.

Riddle threw him into the ring and headed to the top rope, but Sheamus caught his crossbody attempt and tossed him to the mat for a near pinfall.

Sheamus stomped Riddle, and locked in the Cloverleaf. Riddle managed to grab the rope and slipped to the apron where Riddle caught Sheamus clubbing strike and wrapped his arm around the ropes.

Sheamus locked in a heel lock on Riddle and nailed him with a right when Riddle tried to fight out of it.

Riddle hit a series of kicks to break the hold, then another one for a pin attempt.

Sheamus ducked a PK, but Riddle hit a Final Flash Knee.

Sheamus kicked out of the pin attempt, and Riddle headed to the top rope.

Sheamus caught him with some clubbing blows to Riddle’s back, but Riddle fought him off. Sheamus nailed him again and then hit a White Noise from the second rope but Riddle kicked out.

Sheamus went for a Brogue Kick but Riddle collapsed to sucker Sheamus in.

Riddle rolled him up, but Sheamus rolled through into a Cloverleaf that Riddle reversed into a roll up for the pin.

Asuka accepts the challenge

Backstage, Asuka stopped Lana and said she heard Lana wants to challenge her.

Lana said she doesn’t and explained her reasoning, but Asuka said she likes challenges and will se her in the ring.

Asuka told her she may go home with the Raw Women’s Championship.

Firefly Fun House

WWE Raw Results have been looking forward to this, and Bray Wyatt welcomed us to the Fun house and Alexa Bliss said this episode is about something evil — friendship.

Wyatt said one minute they’re there playing with you and helping with a puzzle, but then they’re buring something else and it switched to Orton burning the Wyatt house down.

He then equated Nikki Cross to Randy Orton, but was interrupted by a new character.

The new character, the Friendship Frog, debuted and said he believes that true friendship lasts forever.

Wyatt told Bliss she should show Friendship Frog what she’s going to do to Cross tonight, and Bliss asked for a little help.

Wyatt covered her eyes with his hand for a few seconds, then whispered into her ear. When she opened her eyes, they were those of the Fiendess.

She them bludgeoned Friendship Frog until he was a puddle of goo, and Wyatt asked for us to join them in a moment of silence as a flashback of Friendship Frog’s life was show from a tadpole to his final moments.

Bliss said he was a good amphibian, and Wyatt added it was a shame he croaked.

They burst into laughing and said their goodbyes as he added they’ll see Cross soon.

WWE Raw Results think this is going to be an interesting match.

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