WWE Raw Results (11/24) – Strowman Forces the Issue

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Hello and welcome to WWE Raw Results!

Tonight should be an interesting one as we start the cleanup from Survivor Series and build to TLC on December 20.

Let’s jump in, shall we?

Prior to the opening video, the show started with a recap video of last Monday when Drew McIntyre won the WWE Championship from Randy Orton.

With the opening concluded, Team Raw was in the ring with Adam Pearce.

Pearce welcomed us to Raw and briefly recapped last week’s main event before moving onto last night’s Survivor Series and the farewell to the Undertaker.

He then said that Team Raw deserves a reward following their dominating performance at Survivor Series.

He wanted each of them to state their case to be next in line for the WWE Championship and wanted to start with Team Raw’s captain, AJ Styles.

Sheamus grabbed the mic and wasted no time pointing out that Styles wasn’t his captain. Sheamus barely beat Riddle to speaking.

Sheamus congratulated McIntyre on becoming a 2 time WWE Champion, and pointed out how they go way back and are the best of friends.

He added that being the most valuable team player, but Styles interrupted him.

Styles said everyone knows Sheamus and McIntyre are friends, and called him out for trying to use their friendship bond to get a shot before claiming he, as captain, was the MVP.

Keith Lee spoke up, saying he needed to interject by pointing out he saves Styles and pinned Smackdown’s actual captain.

Riddle threw his hat into the ring saying he beat King Corbin and wondered if he’s now King Bro and gets a crown.

He added that he’s like to face McIntyre because then if he’d win he’d get his “dope sword to go with his dope crown.”

Sheamus told Riddle that Dopey fits him better, and Riddle responded by calling him fire face and told him he’d let him hold his sword.

Sheamus took exception to being called Fire Face and Styles said nobody likes Riddle’s nicknames. Riddle pointed out that Fire Crotch was already taken and Keith Lee lost it and tried to cover his face as he laughed.

Pearce tried to regain control and asked Braun Strowman to state his case, and Strowman took exception at being referred to as “last but not least” and he grabbed Pearce and shouted at him.

Strowman then threw Pearce to the mat.

Hurt Business picks a fight

Back from commercial, we got a recap of Strowman’s attack on Adam Pearce, with Byran Saxton calling it heinous. Really? After everything else that goes on?

A clip from earlier in the day showed a backstage altercation backstage where the Hurt Business, led by MVP, approached the New Day and claimed they embarrassed Raw.

Shelton Benjamin told them they should give them a title shot, and Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods said they already did that, and Cedric Alexander ripped into them for being cosplayers.

Woods granted them a championship match despite Kingston saying it’s their day off, then told Kingston they can’t let them talk to them like that.

So, their day off when they’re the Raw Tag Team Champions and they’re there. Alrighty then. WWE Raw Results should know better than to ask questions.

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