WWE Raw Results (11/9) – Miz TV Sets the Stage

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Tonight should be an interesting one as we get a glimpse into the next chapter of the WWE Championship chase as Drew McIntyre will appear on A Moment of Bliss.

Is he working with the Fiend or just being opportunistic? We’ll find out tonight. Maybe.

Without further ado, let’s get the show started.

The night started out with The Miz heading to the ring with John Morrison at his side.

Looks like Miz Tv is going to start the night off. This should be interesting.

Miz TV

They used this moment to promote a 6 man tag team match later on between the Miz, Morrison, and Randy Orton vs. Drew McIntyre and the New Day (Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods).

Miz said it’s a match where anything can happen and held the MITB briefcase up.

Morrison asked if that means he’ll cash in the MITB contract, and Miz said that only time will tell.

The Miz then added that more important is his show, Miz and Mrs’ new season airing this Thursday with a special episode after Raw.

Miz was about to introduce his two guests when Randy Orton came out.

Orton challenged Miz for saying that his reality show is more important than his main event.

He then pointed out that Miz called Stamford to make the match so he can cash in the MITB because that’s the only way he’d get the title off of Orton.

Orton then dropped some truth bombs like he remembered when they threw Miz out of the locker room years ago and that he didn’t want Miz to be let back in.

He then turned his attention to Morrison and said how Morrison took his ball and went home and wrestled for the minors.

Orton then told him since the only way Miz can take the title is with the case, he told him not to worry about any setups and just take it.

He then dropped his belt and turned his back on them with his arms out to the side.

The Miz asked him if he wants to abuse his power at USA to cash in on him?

Orton’s lack of trust

Orton said he’s not just anybody else and that maybe Miz forgot who he is.

WWE Raw Results were surprised Orton didn’t nail Morrison when he interrupted and tried to calm them down and said it’s going to be a big night for all of them.

Miz said that if they’re victorious, they may be in line for the Raw Tag Team Championship.

The New Day came out to interrupt them and Woods asked that two men were talking about the MITB contract possibly being cashed in, and then Miz and Morrison thinking they could win the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships.

Kofi added that since they’re going at it with their verbal strong style, he and Woods wanted to laugh at them in person so they have a live audience.

Kofi said they were free to entertain them, but Orton hit him with an RKO and Woods knocked Morrison out of the ring. Miz then threw Woods out as Drew McIntyre’s music started.

Orton cleared the ring and the two of them exchanged blows before Miz hit McIntyre with the MITB briefcase twice, then threw him into an RKO by Orton.

Orton, Miz, and Morrison left the ring full of carnage. Orton made it obvious he didn’t trust the Miz before heading back up the ramp.

This should be an interesting team up.

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