WWE Raw Results – Firefly Fun House Targets The Miz

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WWE Raw Results were backstage where the men’s Survivor Series team wasn’t doing much better as they argued until AJ Styles broke it up and told them they have a giant advantage over Smackdown on paper.

He added that their egos were getting in the way and called himself humble. He said he’d take responsibility as team captain, which got Sheamus riled.

A fight nearly broke out over that and Sheamus’ nicknames. Styles calmed them down and said they need a tune up match against Retribution and handed them Team Raw shirts.

Riddle came back and told Styles that he doesn’t want anyone left out and had a sweet nickname, but Styles said don’t even bother.

Styles told Jordan he’d see him later, and that’s when Styles found out Jordan can speak English.

Jordan told him he never asked and Styles said he has so many questions.

Styles has really been hitting it out of the park recently, and it’s awesome that Jordan is becoming more involved now.

Day of Reckoning

Backstage, Dana was asked about Mandy Rose’s condition and she said she’s in rough shape.

Reckoning shoved Dana into the wall and proceeded to stomp her before officials arrived.

Firefly Fun House

Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss welcomed us, saying it was nice to see us again. Wyatt said the Miz wasn’t very nice, but that Hollywood types are all like that.

He listed vapid, obnoxious, pompous, and willing to sacrifice their own offspring to their reptilian overlord.

He offered to teach the Miz some manners, and he challenged the Miz to a match tonight.

He added that the Miz shouldn’t make him repeat himself because he wouldn’t like that.

It switched into a blind martial arts montage where he pummeled Huskus and Mercy.

It then switched to a spelling contest where Bliss told him his word was “jacka—.”

Wyatt asked if he could hear it in a sentence, and Abby said, “Just spell the damn word, you jacka–.”

He spelled it as M-I-Z.

Next was Rambin’ Rabbit tied to a dart board where Wyatt stuck him with a dart.

This was a great Firefly Fun House and WWE Raw Results can’t wait to see what they have planned going forward.

These segments never cease to amaze us, and they’re probably the best thing going on WWE Raw at the moment, and we’re loving every minute of it.

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