WWE Smackdown Results (11/20) – 8 Man Tag Team Match – The New Day and Street Profits Defeated Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode and Sami Zayn and King Corbin by Pinfall

Ford hit a Cash Out on Zayn for the win

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WWE Smackdown Results returned from commercial with the match already in progress because why not?

Ziggler and Ford were in the ring and Ford flipped over Ziggler in the corner, then leap frogged Ziggler multiple times before hitting a dropkick.

Dawkins came in and hit Ziggler with a shoulder block. He then suplexed Ford onto Ziggler for a near pinfall.

Ziggler hit Dawkins with a kick and a dropkick and tagged in Roode, who was hit with a dropkick by Dawkins.

Kingston came in but his arm bar was reversed into a headlock, and he then hit a reverse elbow off the ropes and another dropkick.

Kingston stomped Roode in their corner, and Woods came in to join in. Woods hit a basement dropkick for a near pin.

Roode hit a reverse elbow on Woods off the ropes and tagged in Corbin.

Woods drove Corbin back with several chops, and they hit with a boot but Corbin countered a Honor Roll into a Deep Six for a near pinfall.

Corbin hammered on Woods with elbows while mocking the New Day and Street Profits. He then attempted a chokeslam, but Woods rolled it over for a near pin attempt.

Ford came him and hit a dropkick, flying clothesline, and a moonsault for a pin attempt that Roode and Ziggler broke up.

Things broke down as Kingston went off the top rope and hit Ford with a reverse elbow by accident when Corbin ducked and Dawkins took exception to it.

Rise of champions

We returned from commercial with things settled down and Ziggler with a headlock on Ford.

Ford tried to tag out, but Ziggler dragged him down and took him to his corner and Corbin came in.

Ford tried to fight back, but was caught doing a crossbody by Corbin who hit a slam for a near pinfall

Corbin landed several right hands.

Ziggler came and Ford nearly got free before Ziggler shoved him back in his corner.

Ford slipped out of a back suplex attempt and hit Ziggler with a step up kick

Kingston came in and leveled Roode with a clothesline and cleared off the apron before going back to Roode and hitting a dropkick.

Kingston then hit a double leg drop, but Roode countered a Trouble in Paradise into a Glorious DDT that Kingston slipped out of.

Woods blind tagged in as Kingston was sent to the floor, and Woods hit a DDT on Roode for a near pinfall.

Woods waited for Roode to get up when Dawkins blind tagged him on the back. Woods turned to face him and Corbin leveled him from behind.

Dawkins caught Corbin with a right, but ran into a spinebuster by Roode. Roode tagged in Zayn, who argued against being dragged into the match.

Dawkins dragged Zayn over the ropes and hit a spinebuster, and Ford hit a Cash Out for the pin.

After the match, everything was cool between the New Day and Street Profits.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan was waiting to be interviewed when Sami Zayn came in arguing how he was lost.

Bryan laughed at him and Zayn gave him grief and called Bryan out for thinking he’s better than him.

Zayn demanded everyone show him the respect he’s deserved and Bryan shoved him down. Zayn told him if he didn’t have a huge match at Survivor Series he’d make him pay, then ran off.

Bryan’s revenge

Back from commercial, Bryan’s interview began with a compliment on his hair cut. He was then asked about Jey Uso’s attack on him and we were shown a recap clip.

After the clip ended, Bryan looked almost sick, and when asked about any concern about coming back so soon, he said that he understands that.

But he saw the interview Jey gave where he said it was never possible. He knows Jey has a devil on his shoulder yelling at him to beat him with the chair while saying it wasn’t anything personal.

He asked if it’s his own angel or devil yelling at him as he prepares for his match, he said Jey is the one that should be concerned and added “it’s nothing personal.”

This was a great promo. WWE Smackdown Results are looking forward to this match.

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