WWE Smackdown Results (11/20) – Daniel Bryan Defeated Jey Uso by Pinfall

Bryan countered and Uso Splash with raised knees, then rolled Jey over for the pin

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WWE Smackdown Results returned as Jey Uso was asked about Daniel bryan’s comments about his attack unless he’s not allowed to talk to her.

He mocked her for having jokes and said he’s got the green light to talk to her and to finish what he started.

He said he’s responsible for what he did and that he did all of that to Bryan because he wanted to.

Jey Uso vs. Daniel Bryan

The match started fast as Bryan went right after jey when the bell rang, but Jey gained the upper hand and hammered him down.

Bryan hit a couple of kicks, and then locked in a type of leg submission before pummeling Jey.

Bryan leveled Jey with a chop and hit a knee, but Jey hit an elbow off the ropes to regain the advantage.

Jey told his it’s nothing personal as he shoved Bryan to the floor and sent Bryan into the ring steps. Jey cleared off the announce table, but Bryan hit with a couple of strikes and pushed Jey into the ring.

Bryan hit a missile dropkick, followed by a couple of kicks and strikes in the corner.

Jey hit a forearm, and Bryan nailed him with an uppercut.

Jey caught him with a kick when Bryan telegraphed a backdrop, but Bryan slipped Jey over the ropes and to the floor.

Bryan then hit a suicide dive and followed it with an uppercut and some rights before he charged at Jey. Jey backdropped Bryan onto the announce table, collapsing it as we headed to commercial.

Bryan takes a pounding

WWE Smackdown Results returned to the action being back in the ring, and Jey in control as he mounted Bryan and pounded on him.

Jey kept saying it’s nothing personal, and then picked Bryan up for a bodyslam, and followed it with a punt like kick that didn’t known Bryan out.

Jey then hit with a loud chop in the corner and a body blow before following it with another chop.

Jey hit a backdrop, and Cole mentioned Bryan’s injured kidneys form the previous attack for the hundredth time.

Bryan had rolled to the apron, and he hit a series of right and climbed o the top rope, but Jey caught him and hit a superplex for a near pinfall.

Jey attempted a Samoan Drop but Bryan countered it into a crucifix type of pin attempt, and when Jey kicked out, he tried to slap on a face lock.

Jey rolled out of it and hit several elbow and knees to Bryan’s kidneys.

Jey headed to the top rope, but Bryan knocked hit feet out, leaving Jey on the top rope. Bryan climbed up and hit a back superplex.

Bryan hit a series of Yes! kicks but Jey kicked out.

Bryan grabbed Jey’s arms and stomped Jey’s face and head several times, but Jey caught him with a couple of superkicks to regain control.

Jey sat him up and hit a third superkick, but Bryan got the knees up to counter the Uso Splash and rolled Jey up for the win.

This was the best match of the night, and WWE Smackdown Results enjoyed every second of it.

The show had the same disjointed feel through most of it, but it somehow worked.

The promos and last two matches were really entertaining and kept us riveted.

What did you think of this match and the show? Let us know in the comments below, and thank you for joining WWE Smackdown Results.

We had a blast and look forward to seeing you all next time.

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