WWE Smackdown Results (11/20) – Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns Survivor Series Contract Signing

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WWE Smackdown Results returned and McIntyre had come out prior to the commercial break and now waited for Roman Reigns to come out with Paul Heyman at his side.

Of course, Reigns took his time to get to the ring since no one tells him where to be and when to be there.

In the ring, Reigns made Adam Pearce give him his chair at the head of the table, which put him next to McIntyre.

Pearce said his job is simple, which is to get their signatures on the contract to make their match simple.

Reigns told McIntyre he knew he’d do it, but Heyman didn’t. He said he’s been in McIntyre’s shoes, and that Heyman told him that McIntyre was the right man in the right place at the right time.

McIntyre told him he’s not going to flip the table and punch him in the face because he’s already got his match this Sunday.

He added that he didn’t win the title for Reigns, but for himself and he’s not interested in talking about Reigns.

He signed the contract and told Reigns it’s his turn and his show.

Reigns stakes his claim

McIntyre gave him a piece of advice to not underestimate him and use these last two days of peace to prepare for war.

Heyman took the pen Mcintyre had used from Reigns and gave him another, but before he signed, Reigns said the spcial council advises the tribal chief, not McIntyre.

He said he’s going to teach McInytre on last lesson, and he won’t like the load of truth that McIntyre is a secondary title holder. He’s a prop, a stand in who was sent in because Reigns was busy.

He added that the whole world knows how Reigns is and added that he’s the champion and face of WWE.

He’s McIntyre’s tribal chief and that one day McIntyre will have the opportunity to be the man, the face of the champion. He added that when he is, he’ll look back at these days and nights and thank him.

One day, when McIntyre looks into the mirror and thank him for the lessons he taught him and he’ll love him right back.

Reigns signed the contract and told McIntyre he’ll always be his favorite number two.

Reigns stood up and Heyman handed him his title and he left with a final look over his shoulder.

WWE Smackdown Results were disappointed yet impressed there wasn’t a blowup. We’re looking forward to this match.

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