WWE Smackdown Results (11/6) – Survivor Series Qualifying Match – King Corbin Defeated Rey Mysterio (w/Dominik Mysterio) by pinfall

Corbin hit with an End of Days for the win

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WWE Smackdown Results noticed Rey came out in his street clothes and walked gingerly after Corbin’s attack backstage.

Rey started off charging at Corbin, who caught Rey in a spine buster for a near pinfall.

Corbin then hit a couple of rights and slammed Rey into the turnbuckle before choking him out on the ropes.

Corbin went outside of the ring and slammed Rey into the apron twice before rolling him back into the ring.

Rey hit a series of shoulders, but Corbin dropped him with a pair of knees, then stood on him before throwing him out of the ring.

Corbin followed Rey to the floor and nailed him with a right, but Rey leaped into the ring and Corbin hit the ring steps with his shoulder.

Rey hit him with a kick to the leg and a punch to the midsection before rolling Corbin into the ring.

Rey continued with a few forearms, but Corbin hit with an elbow as Rey came of the ropes to regain control.

Corbin attempted a chokeslam, but Rey countered it into a sunset flip rollup for a near pin, and then sent Corbin out of the ring with a double leg scissors takedown when Seth Rollins’ music played.

Rollins came out seemingly in peace as we headed to commercial with Dominik standing guard to keep Rollins from interfering.

Too many cooks

Back from commercial, Rey was in control as he bounced Corbin’s head off the ring post outside the ring.

Rey hit a splash through the ropes, and Corbin responded by throwing him into the corner and then run into three boots.

Rey tried a springboard off the ropes, but Corbin caught him and hit a backbreaker for a near pinfall

Corbin hit a clubbing blow on Rey’s back and hung Rey on the top rope to hit him with some kidney shots.

Corbin put Rey on the top rope, but Rey fought Corbin off and then tried a crossbody.

Corbin caught him again and hit two backbreakers and a falling slam for a near pinfall.

Corbin slapped on a camel clutch type of hold but as has become regular behavior, he let Rey go after a few seconds.

Rey rolled to the floor and Corbin followed him and slammed him back first into the ring apron and then threw him into the ring.

Corbin straddled Rey and his a series of rights while Dominik looked back and forth between Corbin and Rollins.

Corbin pounded Rey and hit a punch off the ropes as he tortured Rey, setting himself up for a surprise win.

Rey ducked his third punch off the ropes, but Corbin caught him in a bearhug.

Rey elbowed and bit his way out of the bearhug, and Corbin ran into the turnbuckle when Rey ducked.

Rey hit a sit down splash off the top rope, a drop kick to Corbin’s right leg, a basement dropkick, and another sit down splash over the top rope for a near pin.

Rey spun out of a hold and tripped Corbin into the ropes. Corbin slid out of the ring to avoid a 619, then hit a cheap shot on Dominik before Rey hit a swinging dropkick through the ropes.

Murphy’s law

Rey took a second to check on Dominik, then rolled Corbin into the ring.

Corbin hit with a knee, but Rey fought out of a powerbomb and hit a 619.

Rollins attacked Dominik and Rey went after him.

Murphy and Aalyah came out to help, but Rey told her to get Murphy out of there; he doesn’t belong there.

Rey entered the ring and Corbin caught him with an End of Days for the win.

This was one of those kinda disjointed matches that WWE Smackdown Results felt was too forced. It felt like they tried to pack too much into it and the antics took away from anything in the ring.

Whether that’s good or bad is up for debate.

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