AEW Dynamite Results: Anna Jay & Tay Conti vs. Britt Baker & Penelope Ford

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Back in the 2020 AEW Deadly Draw tournament, Anna Jay & Tay Conti became close friends. Collectively known as TayJay, they are one of the best female tag teams in AEW right now, despite Conti having never officially joined Dark Order like Jay.

However, tonight she’s by her friends side for this tribute show to Brodie Lee. Their opponents are Penelope Ford & Britt Baker, who are teaming up once again, previously having a match on AEW Dark.

Penelope Ford & Britt Baker Isolate Tay Conti

Jay got started with Baker, a solid lockup won by Jay with a headlock. Baker was able to find her way out and got the wrist control. Jay broke free and got a shoulder block, and almost locked in the Queenslayer early.

Baker slipped away, and tagged Ford in who ran right into a flatliner. A running back elbow from Jay was followed by a tag to Conti, who hit a lariat.

Ford decided to throw strikes with Conti, before getting ragdolled by the judo expert and kicked in the head. Kip Sabian distracted the referee, and Baker helped Ford get in control to hit a German Suplex on Conti, getting a two count.

Baker tagged in, grabbed the cravate for some knee strikes, before hitting a suplex. Conti rolled to the outside, and got her face slammed into the apron.

Rebel set Conti up for a knee drop from Ford, as we went to a commercial break. Through picture in picture, Conti got isolated, desperate for a tag to Jay. Baker got a great suplex on Conti and took time to pose before applying a chokehold.

Conti rolled through into a pinfall, but Baker was able to kick out. Ford threw strikes with Conti again, and was rocked with a forearm. She was able to come back and hit a big gutbuster, really punishing Conti.

Anna Jay Shows Why Brodie Lee Scouted Her

Conti & Ford went for pump kicks and connected at the same time. Jay & Baker tagged in, and Jay had the fire to go with the veteran. A kick to the achilles and a neckbreaker had Baker cornered for some kicks.

Ford snuck in and got the backstabber, and Conti took her out. Baker got the slingblade on Conti, leaving just Jay & Baker.

Baker took a Dangerous J kick, Jay got emotional over the moment and got hit from behind by Baker. A fisherman neckbreaker got a two count, and Baker wanted the Lockjaw.

Ford tagged in instead and hit a blockbuster off the top rope. Jay countered a handspring elbow into Queenslayer, Conti held Baker & Rebel off, and Dark Order’s win streak rose to four.

Will Tay Conti join Dark Order?Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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