AEW Dynamite Results: Brodie Lee Jr. Handpicked Team [Cody Rhodes, Orange Cassidy & 10] vs. Team Taz [Brian Cage, Ricky Starks & Will Hobbs]

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While Team Taz are an established unit, they aren’t facing one. Cody Rhodes, Orange Cassidy and 10 of Dark Order are teaming up for likely the only time ever.

This odd team however, might be unstoppable. They aren’t just fighting in memory of Brodie Lee, but they are the handpicked team of -1 of The Dark Order.

-1 is Brodie Lee Jr, the 8 year old son of the late Brodie Lee. He made a team with three of his favorite wrestlers, and even a group as strong as Team Taz can’t beat that. Add in this being Ten’s first ever main event match, and we can expect a star making performance.

Will Hobbs Is The Star Project Of Team Taz

Rhodes got his start with Hobbs, getting a headlock and being shoved off with ease, and dropping him with a shoulder block. Starks was tagged in, and was an easier matchup for Rhodes.

After some chops in the corner, Starks broke free with a dropkick and a shoulder tackle. He took time to taunt, and took the ol’ Rhodes drop down throat thrust. Rhodes wanted to tag OC, but OC was daydreaming. Instead, 10 tagged in.

10 came in and with full support of the fans, but Hobbs ran a distraction and let Starks get control. That was until Starks ran into shoulder tackle and was bounced off the top rope into a German Suplex.

Hobbs came in, and OC was finally tagged in, and wanted to lock up with OC, who instead put hands in pockets. He was shoved into the ropes, but came back with a vicious high impact lazy shoulder tackle.

Hobbs whipped OC head first into the mat, but OC bounced up and hit his lazy kicks. OC went for Orange Punch, but Hobbs dodged. He went for the swinging DDT, but was stopped by the sheer power of Hobbs for a big powerslam.

Cage tagged in and did some bicep curls with OC before throwing him over his head. Starks kept control steady with some jumping stomps and knee drops, and OC would need to get the tag soon.

Cody Rhodes, Orange Cassidy & 10 Bring This One Home For Brodie Lee

A stalling suplex from Hobbs dropped OC hard, shifting the ring with it’s impact. Cage would look for one of his own, one upping Hobbs. Starks wanted his next, and OC would counter finally and get a suplex of his own. OC was desperate to make the tag to anyone, and dove over Starks to get Rhodes into the match.

The mood changed as Rhodes hit the powerslam for a near fall. He threw the weight belt into the crowd before taking a discus lariat from Starks. Rhodes managed to tag in 10, who was looking great in this main event.

He caught Starks midair into a powerslam, and looked for the Brodie Lee style powerbomb. A running boot sent Hobbs off the apron, but was cut in half by a spear from Starks.

OC broke the pin up, and got Starks with the pinning DDT before being run over by either an 18 wheeler or Will Hobbs, but the impact was the same either way.

Rhodes threw some superkicks before taking a flatliner from Cage. A short arm clothesline from 10 dropped Cage, before he took a DDT from Starks. 10 chants from the crowd broke out as Taz looked to bring a chair, but he was stopped by Arn Anderson.

It distracted the referee so OC got the Orange Punch, Rhodes got the Cross Rhodes, and 10 ended this with a Spinebuster to Starks. His first main event win, completing the sweep for Dark Order.

After The Match…

After the match, Team Taz kept the beatdown coming and the lights went down. Darby Allin’s music hit as he started to make his way to the ring. The lights went out again, and snow was falling. Allin had backup in the form of Sting.

Team Taz was ready to go, but Taz was calling for them to go. Sting, Allin, Ten, Rhodes and OC held the ring down as we went into one final tribute to Brodie Lee to close the night out. Brodie Lee Jr. was given the TNT Championship in honour of his father, who will forever reign.

How will you remember Brodie Lee? As a great wrestler, a great human being, or both? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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