AEW Dynamite Results: Kenny Omega vs. Joey Janela

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During the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament, there were several matches changed along the way. The first change was with Sonny Kiss stepping in for Joey Janela in the opening round against eventual winner Kenny Omega. Now, Omega is the AEW World Champion, and Janela finally gets his chance to prove that maybe, he would have won the whole tournament if given the chance!

It’s a No DQ match, and if you’ve seen their early AEW Dark Lights Out match, you know this could get dangerous in a hurry. If Janela can win tonight, he gets a future chance at the AEW World Championship, making this like a Proving Grounds match. He came ready with a trash can in hand and Sonny Kiss in his corner. Omega on the other hand came with the AEW World Championship around his waist.

Kenny Omega Does It All, Even Commentary

Before Omega even hit the ring, a trash can hit him in the face. Another smack to the head, and Don Callis tried to kick Schiavone off commentary but was told to kiss his ass. Janela was in control after a suicide dive. Some chairs were set up, but Janela was hit by a Kotoro Crusher onto one. Omega hit a baseball slide and a terminator dive, as Callis did commentary from a microphone.

Janela would be smacked with a cookie sheet. Omega would now do play by play for his own match, in complete control of Janela. He’d hit a garbage can assisted moonsault press, but Janela kicked out at two. Omega nailed a big chop and went back to the cookie sheet, put the can over Janela and hit a springboard double stomp.

Too Soon To Hit The Pay Window

The One Winged Angel was set up, but Janela countered into a reverse rana showing some life. Kiss pulled a table out and set it up. and Janela punched Omega between the eyes. Omega was set up, and Janela hit a leg drop through the table. Janela sent Omega back in, went for a moonsault, but missed. Two hard V-Triggers and a One Winged Angel later, and this was done.

This one was 90% Kenny Omega, and Janela will likely not win a match on Dynamite in 2020. After the match, Callis said this meant no more unanswered questions for the champion. PAC would crash this party, and say there’s unfinished business here. He was here to address injustice though, that being that Fenix also never lost in the tournament, so is Omega really undisputed?

Callis questioned if PAC can make the matches, but he’d spoke with Tony Khan. So on December 30th, Kenny Omega defends against Rey Fenix. Who will win on December 30th? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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