AEW Dynamite Results: Sting Explains What He’s Doing In AEW

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Last week after Powerhouse Hobbs & Ricky Starks vs. Cody Rhodes & Darby Allin, everything went to hell in a handbasket. Brian Cage came to his allies aid, Dustin Rhodes evened the odds, and even Arn Anderson got physical. Team Taz had the upper hand, but then the lights turned off. Usually this is for the entrance of someone like Cody Rhodes or Darby Allin, but it can’t be them, they were beaten down in the ring. The music was unfamiliar, but the energy was unmistakable. Sting had arrived.

It was 21 years since he last showed up on TNT, his final match in WCW being against Ric Flair. But now, he’s back. Tonight he will sit down with Tony Schiavone and give everyone more ideas on what he’s here to do.

Something Very Familiar In The Arena

Arn Anderson started off by making sure Sting was real, as he knows him very well before heading out. Just wanted to take the moment in. Schiavone would try to hand Sting the microphone and get the hell out of dodge, but was stopped by Sting who stopped him for a hug!

He’d thank Schiavone for his many years of passion in introducing him on commentary with a simple ‘ITS STING’. Sting wanted to hear that, and joined in with a ‘this is awesome’ chant coming from the crowd.

Cody Rhodes would start by thanking Sting for the save last week, but wanted to get to the point. He’s wanted to share the ring with Sting for a very long time, but Sting isn’t here for him right now. There is something very familiar about this place.

Really really familiar. He’d point to Darby Allin, hanging out with face paint on up near the rafters, the face of TNT. The more things change, the more they stay the same, and Sting is welcomed back.

Rhodes thinks he knows everything that goes on in AEW, but the only thing for sure about Sting is that nothing is for sure. The only thing for sure, is that he’s in AEW to stay. He plans on spending a lot of time right here. Sting put his arm around Rhodes, and say ‘See you around, kid.’

Do you think Sting will still be able to go in the ring? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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