AEW Dynamite Results: The Inner Circle vs. Best Friends, Top Flight, & Varsity Blondes

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While Kenny Omega vs. Jon Moxley might have been the biggest match in AEW history, this one might be the biggest. It’s a fourteen man tag team match, pitting all seven members of The Inner Circle against an odd crew consisting of Brandon Cutler, Best Friends, Top Flight and the Varsity Blondes! This all stems from a brawl that closed out Dynamite last week, and could be as chaotic as AEW ever gets!

The planned field of fourteen had to be cut down to twelve however, as Wardlow was dealing with family issues at home. Brandon Cutler was cut from the other team to ensure even odds, even if Hager should count as two guys. Orange Cassidy was on commentary, his headset not plugged in and he really didn’t seem to care.

Best Friends & Friends Look Good

Pillman Jr. would start with Jericho, the first time they met in the ring and Pillman got the better of the exchange. Jericho came back with some chops and stomps in the corner, but Pillman came back, was thrown across the ring and got the springboard crossbody before using the triangle dropkick of Jericho on him.

Griff Garrison was tagged in and hit a leg drop over the top rope but lost control and Jericho tagged Guevara in. Guevara threw heavy chops before taking a big hip toss. Dante Martin was tagged in and they’d pick up the speed of the match, Guevara winning out with a backflip into a dropkick.

Dante hit a standing leg drop on Guevara, sending him into the corner before getting a blind tag to Darius. A kick to the face dropped Guevara, and Ortiz made the save. Dante came back in, and was punched in his face but got a tag to Trent before he was tagged in.

Best Friends & Santana and Ortiz started a big brawl, before the ring was cleared and we got a six man hug fest after Inner Circle was sent away.

The Inner Circle Are Fine

Ortiz tripped up Trent allowing Santana to take control and hit three amigos, with Ortiz helping on the third. Trent was swarmed on the outside by all of Inner Circle as MJF became legal. He’d attack the hand on the ropes before tagging Guevara in. They’d get a delayed vertical double suplex, and Guevara dropped Trent with a lariat before Jericho came in.

Trent would be isolated from all five partners, The Inner Circle running strong. Le Sex Gods got some team work in, before Guevara went high for the Shooting Star Press, but rolling through after he knew he’d miss. Trent demolished him with a running knee strike, before tagging in Darius who dropped a now legal Ortiz with a spanish fly but he was cut off by Santana on the dive.

Dante was legal after a blind tag, quickly tagging to Chuck Taylor for the Sole Food/ Half & Half combo. Pillman hit Air Pillman, Garrison tagged in, but was hit with a bat from Jericho. Hager came in, hit the F10, MJF begged for a tag, came in and pinned for the win.

Top Flight showed guts by standing tall and taking out Jericho & MJF. Will we see that match in the coming weeks? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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