AEW Holiday Bash Results: Evil Uno vs. Dustin Rhodes

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Dustin Rhodes has not forgotten the night when the Dark Order tried to end The Nightmare Family. He might have failed to beat Mr. Brodie Lee, but his crusade began again with 10 of The Dark Order. After that match, Evil Uno came to the ring, apologized for their past actions… before offering Dustin the number Seven. That was enough to make Dustin request a match with Uno this week. We rarely see Uno in a singles capacity, making this one a treat.

Evil Uno Is A Natural

Uno started off fast with a big slap to the face, and this one started as a brawl. One the referee restored order, Rhodes got a lariat and took control. Some punches were rained down on Uno in the corner, before he took a boot to the head.

This one ended up outside with a brawl, and Uno was getting the better of it until he missed a chop and got the ringpost instead of Rhodes. Rhodes would fling the arm into the ringpost, abusing that potential injury.

Back in the ring, Rhodes would attack the hand more in the corner, and even go after the eyes! Uno was able to get the upperhand due to Rhodes getting brash, dropped him and nailed a senton bomb off the top rope. Throughout the break, Uno remained in control both inside and out of the ring.

But Dustin Rhodes Is THE Natural

Coming back from the break, Uno nailed a piledriver, but Rhodes kicked out at the last possible second! Uno cracked his right hand to get some feeling back, before slugging it out with Rhodes in the middle of the ring. Rhodes channeled his dad for the Flip, Flop and Fly, before just nailing a Big Boot.

Uno got a kick to get some space, but Rhodes came back with the running bulldog, and that was enough to end it! Rhodes proved he’s not washed up, he’s not going for the Seven deal, and is likely not done with Dark Order.

Uno begged Rhodes to join, but got a kick instead of a handshake. Stu Greyson came into the ring and nailed Knightfall, prompting QT Marshall & Lee Johnson to help out. Who will team with Dustin Rhodes to take on Greyson & Uno? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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