AEW Holiday Bash Results: Jurassic Express vs. Dark Order (Colt Cabana, Five & Ten)

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There isn’t much actual beef to be found in this match, as Jurassic Express looks to prove they’re one of the best trios AEW has to offer. Dark Order has a new trio of Colt Cabana, Five & Ten, which is a great combination, but lacks the chemistry that makes their opponents so good. Which team will get a bigger foothold in the budding trios division?

Dark Order Isolate Jungle Boy

Marko Stunt started with Colt Cabana, and mocked the Pint Sized wonder. He placed Stunt on the top rope, got kicked and hit with a Hurricane. Cabana tagged in Five, and Jungle Boy came in to keep control. Jungle Boy would take Five down, tag Stunt back in and use him as a weapon, flipping him onto Five. Cabana interrupted a pinfall before being attacked by Luchasarus.

Ten became legal, and was attacked by all of Jurassic Express before Cabana helped him get the edge on Jungle Boy, so he got a wheelbarrow german suplex. Jungle Boy would get isolated, and Cabana was showing his veteran status as he ordered Five & Ten around.

Throughout the break, Cabana himself controlled Jungle Boy for the majority of the duration, before Ten came in and showed his power off. As we came back, Five was thrown at Jungle Boy and kicked off, but Ten caught a crossbody attempt and slammed him down. Jungle Boy finally got free with a lariat, and Luchasaurus was tagged in.

Jurassic Express Turns The Tides Of Battle

The mood in the ring instantly changed, as Luchasarus just brutalized anyone in Dark Order gear. A hook kick dropped Ten and he caught Five out of the sky in chokeslam position, but had to shove Five into Cabana first. Cabana would have Jungle Boy thrown into him, and Stunt was tagged in.

On the outside, Cabana had Luchasarus, and shoved him into the steel post. Stunt took a spinebuster into frog splash combo, but Jungle Boy broke the pin up. A quick tag made Jungle Boy legal, and they hit the powerbomb combo for the win. After the match, FTR challenged Jurassic Express for January 6th.

Who will win on January 6th? Will Colt Cabana continue to lead Five & Ten after this loss? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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