AEW Holiday Bash Results: Tony Schiavone Interviews Sting

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Ever since he showed up in AEW, Sting has almost given people more questions than answers. He’s been able to run off Team Taz a few times, but only because Powerhouse Hobbs has been held back. Potential challenges to Darby Allin & Cody Rhodes sit on the table, but nothing is confirmed. Tonight, Sting sits down with an old friend in Tony Schiavone for an interview, and we might finally get some answers on his goals.


After the iconic introduction from Schiavone, Sting would make his way down the ring. He’d be asked how it feels to be back on TNT, and he’s just glad the jungle is still thriving and gets to be part of it! Now Sting would be asked what his plans are, is it Cody or Darby he’s after?

Sting was thinking about this and went back in time. He was watching the matches and looking for his break alongside Dusty Rhodes. Sting recalls Dusty telling Sting needs color all over himself, gonna put him with Ric Flair, and they’ll get funky like a monkey. Soon after, Sting & Flair were putting on classics. Now, Sting is drawn to Dusty’s son Cody, and wanted to be a part of it.

Team Taz Interrupts Sting

Taz would interrupt this interview, and start to dress down Sting as a fake legend. Ricky Starks warned Sting that he’s going to get hurt if he doesn’t get out of that ring right now, and they rushed the ring. The lights went out, and suddenly Darby Allin had joined Sting in the ring. Sting had a bat, Allin had a skateboard.

Taz decided to stay smart and not rush the ring, but on January 6th, Brian Cage is taking that TNT Championship then. Cage wanted the match now, but again, they avoided Sting.

Once again, we don’t get an answer on what is next for Sting, but we do know when Allin will make his first defense. We did see a shot of Sting, Allin and the TNT Championship. Will we see Sting vs. Allin? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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