AEW Winter Is Coming Results: Britt Baker vs. Lelya Hirsch

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After returning from injury, Britt Baker wants to climb back up to a match with Hikaru Shida, who broke her nose during a match earlier this year. Tonight, she has a chance to step higher in the rankings to get to Shida, but only if she can beat the intense russian grappler, Leyla Hirsch. Winter is Coming, but can Baker handle the cold like Hirsh can?

Britt Baker Takes Her Control

Baker has a big height advantage on Hirsch, but that is just fine, as Hirsch would take Baker to the mat with ease with an attempt at an armbar. Hirsch followed up with a big headlock takeover, but Baker was able to counter out with a headscissors, but couldn’t keep up on the mat. Baker had her arm snatched and did her best to fight free before ending up in a cross armbreaker.

Hirsch had Baker go at her mouth, which stunned her slightly, allowing Baker to hit a superkick and DDT. Baker took a moment to catch her breath, before going back to the attack of Hirsch. She grabbed a cravate, and sent knees into the jaw of Hirsch.

A suplex dropped Hirsch, and Baker had time to pose behind her. She’d be choked on the ropes, and all around embarrassed by Baker. This pissed off Hirsch, but she’d be taken to the corner and have her shoulder stretched on the post.

Leyla Hirsch Makes A Mistake

Back in the middle of the rope, Baker applied a cobra clutch and turned into a pinfall, getting a two count. A figure four leg sleeper would be next, but Hirsch used her powerful legs to push Baker back into a pinfall. Getting back to their feet, Hirsch would be taken down with a running neckbreaker, and Baker was back to trash talking.

Hirsch had enough and threw heavy forearms, a pump kick and a release German Suplex. Baker rolled to the outside to be consoled by Reba, who took the suicide dive for Baker. Hirsch was dropped with a slingblade on the floor, and taken back into the ring to end this.

Baker had something in mind, but a quick bicycle knee strike would let Hirsch go right into a cross armbreaker. Hirsch narrowly avoided a counter into Lockjaw, and got the armbar back. Baker fought out again, but a running knee strike rocked her. Hirsch made an error and wanted the moonsault, but was cut off, thrown into the middle turnbuckle, hit with the neckbreaker and submitted with The Lockjaw.

A Post Match Brawl Breaks Out

After the match, Thunder Rosa would appear and get some payback on Britt Baker. Baker attacked her during a match over the NWA Women’s Championship against Serena Deeb, and it’s payback time. Hirsch got a quick suplex on Reba before slipping away.

The referees struggled to keep these two apart, and it’s clear Rosa & Baker are set for a match very soon. Who will win this clash? Would Hirsch have won if she didn’t look for the moonsault? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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