Could The FTW Championship Become The Top AEW Championship With Kenny Omega In Impact Wrestling?

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This past Wednesday saw the most shocking moment in AEW’s short history, and that was when Kenny Omega ran off to Impact Wrestling with Don Callis, and the AEW World Championship. Fans are forced to wait for Tuesday for more answers on what this could mean for AEW. They have just potentially lost their top belt, especially if Kenny Omega chooses to stick around in Impact Wrestling. However, they have other titles to fill the top role, and the FTW Championship held by Brian Cage could do well.

Granting Taz His Wish For Respect On The FTW Championship

Despite having pulled it out of his sock drawer and cleaning it up to award to Brian Cage, ECW legend Taz feels the FTW Championship should be a sanctioned championship in AEW. It’s being held by a legitimate main event badass in Brian Cage, and that alone should get it some respect. That has not been the case, as the recent outbursts from Taz have shown.

However, the landscape has changed in AEW for the moment. Should Kenny Omega wait to come back to AEW with their top title, they need someone to carry the brand like Jon Moxley did. The TNT Champion could do that, but Brian Cage is a more traditional champion than Darby Allin is, and he’s been able to beat Allin anyways. Cage is superior, and if AEW throws these two champions against each other, that will become clear.

Setting Up A Unification Match For Brian Cage & Kenny Omega

This would also help to perhaps set up a big enough match to bring Kenny Omega back to AEW TV. AEW has claimed more big episodes like Winter Is Coming are on their way over the next few weeks and months, and those need big main events. They don’t have any matches as big as Omega vs. Moxley, but Omega vs. Brian Cage could certainly turn some heads. Putting both titles on the line would help to get Omega his first big defense, or show that Cage actually deserved to be the champion all along.

Unification matches are easy storylines to pull, especially with a belt like the FTW Championship involved. It’s a low risk move for AEW, let’s multiple storylines play out at once, and gives fans a big match to end it.

Would you want to see AEW take this route in the coming weeks? Will Kenny Omega stay in Impact Wrestling? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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