Impact Wrestling Final Resolution Live Results (12/12)

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Hello and welcome to Impact Wrestling Final Resolution Live Results!

Final Resolution Takes Over IMPACT Plus

I’m your host, CP Bialois, and this looks like it’s going to be a fun pay-per-view as some storylines will be wrapped up while others will be given a boost.

I’m also going to give my first run at using a 5 star rating system where 1= we’ll never speak of this again, 3 is average, and 5 is awesome!

Impact Wrestling Final Resolution Live Results are going to grab some snack for the show, so we’ll see you at the 8 p.m. EST showtime!

Old School Rules Match – Tommy Dreamer Defeated Larry D by Pinfall

It’s interesting to note that Larry D came out alone, which is surprising given the consequences of him losing this match.

They didn’t waste any time in using the various implements around the ring on each other, bringing back memories of some of the old ECW matches.

Dreamer had the match virtually won when Acey Romero came out and ambushed Dreamer.

John E. Bravo then interfered and helped take Romero out of the equation before Larry took him out.

Dreamer hit Larry with a low blow with a kendo stick and hit a DDT for the win.

Dreamer handcuffed Larry and took him away.

This was a fun match that we give 2 stars. It felt a little slow at times, but was still entertaining.

Kenny Omega looks to have arrived outside the arena.

Havok and Nevaeh Defeated The Sea Stars by Pinfall

A cool fact pointed out before the match is the Sea Stars are the Shimmer tag team champions.

The Sea Stars held their own against Nevaeh to start off, but Havok turned the tide for the early part of the match.

Nevaeh hit a sliding cutter on Delmi for the pin.

This was a fun match, and it had its moments so we’re giving it 2 stars

Mixed Tag Match – Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K Defeated Eddie and Alisha Edwards by Pinfall

This should be an interesting match.

Dashwood wasted no time tagging Kaleb in, and Kaleb quickly hurt any part of him he his Eddie with and needed the referee to help get his tee shirt off.

Alisha finally got her hands on Dashwood, and slapped the stuffing out og Kaleb when he saved a pin.

Alisha was about to hit Dashwood and Kalbe off the top rope when Sami Callihan’s music played.

He didn’t come out, but Dashwood hit Alisha with a Spotlight Kick for the win.

This was the best match of the night so far, and the comical aspect of Kaleb were awesome. We give it 3 stars.

After the match, Callihan came out from under the ring and hit Eddie with his baseball bat and hit a package piledriver.

Callihan tried to hit a package piledriver on Alisha, but security came out to stop him and he blew her a kiss before leaving.

Outside the arena, Gia knocked on Omega’s bus and Don Callis came out and he gave her some grief for being jumped by the cameras.
Callis said Omega was in the bus, but he won’t get involved tonight. They’re there to visit family.

Hernandez Defeated Fallah Bahh (with Kiera Hogan as Guest Referee and Tasha Steelz as Guest Ring Announcer) by Pinfall

Hogan and Steelz’s entertaining antics aside to get it started, this had more speed then the other matches so far.

Hogan showed clear favoritism toward Hernamdez and Bahh told her to stop being wretched.

Hernandez hit Bahh with a splash off the top rope for the win and

The action in this match was cleaner than what we’ve seen this far and gets 3 stars.

Steelz didn’t have the money for Hernandez and they ran off, probably playing at the money being stolen.

Eric Young (w/Joe Doering) Defeated Rhino by Pinfall

The action started fast and furious as Rhino went after Young, but Young quickly gained the upper hand thanks to Doering distracting Rhino several times.

Young slowed the match down to his pace, and nearly scored several pinfalls as he wore down Rhino.

The referee was knocked out and the Deaners stopped Young from using his hockey mask as a weapon, and Cody attacked Cousin Jake with the mask and then left.

This is an unexpected twist.

Young hit Rhino with the mask for the pin. It’s great watching Young work, and we give this one 3 stars for the tightness of the match.

The Final Defeat Rohit Challenge of 2020 – X-Division Championship Manik (TJP) Defeated Rohit Raju (c) by Pinfall

After a great promo, Manik (TJP) came out

Manik appeared on the top rope behind Rohit and he wasted no time going after Rohit.

Rohit turned the tables and the match evened out as it continued, though Rohit was a bit obsessed with telling Manik he’s not slick enough to fool him.

Manik won after rolling Rohit up after Rohit nearly ran into the referee.

This was an awesome back and forth match and one of the best ones we’ve seen in a while, so it gets 4 stars.

Knockouts Championship –Deonna Purrazzo (c) (w/Kimber Lee) Defeated Rosemary (w/Taya Valkyrie) by Pinfall

We’ve been looking forward to this match, and it’s going to be a good one.

Purrazzo started out trying to keep it slow, but her plan backfired early as the first contact came from Rosemary with a spear.

Purrazzo took control and worked Rosemary’s arm after she was rammed into the ring post.

Purrazzo used the distraction to hit a piledriver for the win.

This was a tough back and forth between the two, and Rosemary hit a Red Wedding byt Lee pulled the referee out before he could count the pin, earning it 3.5 stars from us.

After the match, Valkyrie shoved Lee back and threw Purrazzo out of the ring, stating her case for a potential title shot.

In the bus, Kenny Omega and Karl Anderson talked about their memories and championships before Callis told him he should be Ethan Page in two minutes.

Callis challenged if the machinegun form 2012 was going to be in the match or not, and Anderson left super fired up.

Karl Anderson Defeated Ethan Page (w/Josh Alexander)  by Pinfall

Anderson started out fast after Callis and Omega’s pep talk, but Page quickly made it a good fight.

Page put his new aggression to work as he took it to Anderson after he took over the match for a while until Anderson got back into it.

Anderson hit the Gun Stun for the pin. This was a great back and forth match harkening back to the old school style and we give this match 4 stars.

After the match, Page asked what happened and Alexander told him Anderson won. Page tried to assure Alexander things would be fine and Alexander took off his North jacket and let Page in the ring.

Impact World Championship – Rich Swann (c) Defeated Chris Bey by Pinfall

This is going to be a fun match. Hopefully, they’ll get to give us a great show without Moose interfering in some way.

The match started out slow as they felt each other out, and the pace only picked up in spurts. Swann tried to keep the pace slow, which was something we didn’t expect.

Bey picked up the pace and regained the momentum and then slowed it down to grind Swann down.

The match became a trade of blows as both men were barely able to stand.

Swann hit a superkick and then a Phoenix Splash for the pin.

This was an awesome match, and like the rest of the matches, it was more mat based and old school earning a 4.5 stars from us.

After the match, Moose came out with the TNA and Impact championship belts in hand. Moose handed the Impact Championship to Swann, and then calmly left.

This was a pretty good show and it was great to see all the matches mainly done in old school style, and in an era of spot fests this was refreshing.

What did you thinkof the show? Let us know in the comments below, and thank you for Joining Impact Wrestling Final Resolution Results.

We had a blast and can’t wait to see you all this Tuesday for Impact Wrestling Live Results.

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