Impact Wrestling Final Resolution Preview (12/12) – The Final Defeat Rohit Challenge; Eric Young (w/Joe Doering) vs. Rhino

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Impact Wrestling Final Resolution Preview has a couple of matches we’re really looking forward to, and the Defeat Rohit Challenge is one of them.

On the last Impact Wrestling, Rohit Raju proclaimed this to be the final Defeat Rohit Challenge, which hints that he’s going to wait until he’s forced into a title defense in the future.

It can also be argued that this will be the final challenge because he’ll lose the X-Division Championship.

This seems too obvious to us, especially the way he reiterated how TJP can’t challenge for the title.

It does open the possibility that TJP will challenge him in disguise or as a former incarnation, and that feels too obvious, too.

But that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work. TJP and Rohit are two of the best in ring performers in the business, and Rohit’s taken his heel role to a whole other level.

We have to admit that as much as we love both performers, we’d love to see TJP finally with the X-Division Championship.

But there could be another challenger with TJP doing what he can to help them win the title by keeping Rohit from cutting a corner here or there.

Who do you think will challenge Rohit, and will Rohit walk out of Final Resolution as the X-Division Champion?

Eric Young (w/Joe Doering) vs. Rhino

With Eric Young and Joe Doering have been running rampant through the Impact Wrestling ranks unchecked for weeks.

It seems like Cody Deaner opened the flood gates when he stood up to Young on the last Impact Wrestling as Rhino came to his and Cousin Jake’s defense when Young and Doering gained the upper hand.

Now, Rhino will face Young one on one with Doering prowling outside the ring waiting to attack Rhino.

What makes this interesting is a few weeks back Young and Doering attacked Rhino and then locked themselves in a room with an injured Heath.

While we never saw what happened, it’s safe to assume they attacked him and this match will see Heath return from his injury to help Rhino and set up a feud going forward between the four of them.

There’s the possibility that he could turn on Rhino and possibly even be the brains behind World Class Maniac’s action. We don’t think this is how it’ll go, but it’s definitely a possibility.

In the end, we expect Rhino, possibly with Heath, to win and infuriate Young even more and amp up their feud going forward.

Do you think Heath will return to help Rhino? Let us know in the comments below.

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