Impact Wrestling Preview (12/1) – Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament – Jordynn Grace and Jazz vs. Killer Kelly and Renee Michelle

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Nothing like a tournament to get Impact Wrestling Preview excited for what’s to come, and this week the Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament will continue.

This week’s match should be a great one as Jordynn Grace teams up with Jazz to face Killer Kelly and Renee Michelle.

Return for greatness

What’s really going to make this match special is Jazz’s return to the ring after retiring earlier this year. Jazz said she wants to retire on top, and that’s bad news for the rest of the Knockouts division.

Jazz is a former women’s champion in ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling), WWE, and NWA. She had a brief stint in AEW in 2019, but she didn’t achieve accolades there.

Shame, AEW, shame.

Her return gives the company a further boost in the Knockouts division, but also adds a dominant partner for Grace.

We expect the two women to mesh perfectly as they’re single minded in their desire to win and when it come to physicality few if any do it better than these two.

Fresh faces

Their opponents arrived with a chip on their shoulder, but Killer Kelly was unsuccessful in her debut against Kimber Lee last week.

That doesn’t mean she and Michelle will be pushovers as they’ll be looking for a fight and to establish themselves be defeating a potentially dominant tag team.

Beating a pair of dominant wrestlers like Grace and Jazz would go a long way in helping Kelly and Michelle establish themselves in the Knockouts division and a force to be reckoned with.

Still, it won’t be easy and while this is the first these two teams are facing each other, we have no doubt that we’ll see a great match that has the potential to steal the show.

In the end, someone has to lose so the other can move on, and we expect Grace and Jazz to win.

While this seems like a setback, we expect Kelly and Michelle to get a huge boost from this match going forward and continue their push into the singles and tag team division.

It’s lucky or unlucky, depending on one’s point of view, for them to face two women that are forces of nature and can be virtually unstoppable if Grace and Jazz can work together.

This is one match Impact Wrestling Preview has been looking forward to all week. Who do you think will win? Let us know in the comments below.

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