Impact Wrestling Preview (12/1) – The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin) vs. XXXL (Larry D and Acey Romero)

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This has the potential to be a great match as Impact Wrestling Preview has loved the new aggressive version of XXXL since they returned from Wrestle House.

Since returning to the Impact Zone, XXXL has turned on a switch and become a lot more intense as they’ve sought to make a name for themselves and challenge for the Impact Tag Team Championship.

New style

To take a step in this direction, they interrupted an interview with the Motor City Machine Guns and then attacked both of them, focusing on Alex Shelley’s injured neck following issuing a challenge.

While their challenge was accepted but had to wait for Shelley’s neck to heal, their attack seemed like an impetuous mistake on their part as it forced them to wait longer.

While XXXL had more time to prepare, they also gave the MCMG time to fume over the attack and prepare as well.

Vengeance to be had

Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley are a handful to deal with as a tag team under normal circumstances, but now that they have a personal motivation they’ll be extra difficult tonight.

The MCMG will be looking to relay on their speed and athleticism to outwork and wear down XXXL, and while that’s a great strategy it won’t last forever as Romero and Larry will get their hands on them at some point.

While there’s no questioning Sabin and Shelley’s toughness, Romero and Larry are more than capable of testing their limits if they get ahold of either man for any length of time.

In the end, Impact Wrestling Preview thinks the Motor City Machine Guns will be too much as their determination and athleticism will help them overcome XXXL’s size and power advantage.

We do think this will be a pretty good match and we’ll have a good showing by XXXL that could help push them higher up the ladder.

While it’s going to be fun seeing XXXL face off against one of the best tag teams in the world, it’ll be even better to see Sabin and Shelley in action again.

They’re so much fun to watch, but also frustrating as they’re quicker than a hiccup and force us to not blink during their matches. This is going to be fun.

Who do you think will win tonight? Let us know in the comments below.

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