Impact Wrestling Preview (12/1) – X-Division Championship – Rohit Raju (c) vs. Crazzy Steve

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Rohit Raju has quickly established himself as one of Impact Wrestling Preview’s favorite wrestlers.

He’s an awesome heel as he’s charismatic and smarmy while also able to perform at a high level in the ring. It’s a combination that’s hard to pull off.

We see some aspects here and there, but current heels seem to miss various ingredients for whatever reason.

Given how different companies are run, it’s impossible for us to know if it’s them or the company instructing them on how they project their persona.

Con man gets conned

Over the last couple of months, we’ve watched the Defeat Rohit Challenge lead to some fun feuds as Rohit has worked to stay one step ahead of his competitors.

Last week, he faced Suicide and thinking it was TJP, he said the match was a non-title one.

Throughout the match, Rohit was obsessed with ripping off Suicide’s mask to expose TJP, which made sense as Suicide’s stye was very similar to TJP’s.

 but when TJP appeared on the stage, Rohit’s opponent got the better of him and pinned him.

Crazzy Steve was Suicide, and because of his win he gets a title shot this week.

The fun thing here is Crazzy Steve is also one of out favorites, and we’re looking forward to watching this one.

The X factor

Steve has a style that’s hard to describe but fun to watch. He can add some comic flair or have a seriously competitive match.

What’s even more amazing is that he does this while being legally blind. It’s just another layer that makes it even more fun to watch him perform.

While we’d love for Steve to win the championship, we don’t see it happening as they’re building a fun feud between TJP and Rohit.

Plus, Rohit has made slinking out of a match with the championship an art form. This gives him a distinctive edge, but TJP could balance that out.

Impact Wrestling Preview has a hard time believing that TJP won’t be around to help Steve if Rohit tried to get himself counted out or slip away.

If that happens, it’ll be cool to see how TJP will outmaneuver Rohit back into the ring without getting Steve disqualified.

Of course, Steve may be able to do what no one else has done, and that’s counteract Rohit’s tactics, and that would be awesome to see him outthink the Desi Hitman to win the title.

Who do you think will win? Let us know in the comments below.

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