Impact Wrestling Preview (12/22) – End of Year Awards Part One – X-Division Star of the Year

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The X-Division has been one of the most exciting divisions for Impact Wrestling Preview this year, and we’re stoked to see who takes home the award for X-Division Star of the Year.

There’s going to be some repeat names from the other awards in this conversation, and it only adds to the spice of the award tonight.

Like the other awards, there are plenty of wrestlers to choose from like Ace Austin, Willie Mack, Rohit Raju, and Chris Bey.

Honorable mentions

There’s also some honorable mentions for TJP and Manik, Jordynn Grace and Chris Bey.

While Grace had a pinfall win over Raju during the Defeat Rohit Challenge, he claimed it was a non-title match and she failed to win it in a six pack scramble rematch.

This doesn’t take away from her showing, but her contributions were more like a blip on the radar, as were TJP’s challenges before he finally won as Manik.

Chris Bey is another phenomenally talented wrestler that has an outside chance to win this simple because he had a short reign (27 days) and failed to recapture the title from Rohit despite a couple of chances.

Still, all of the above wrestlers deserve to have their accomplishments noted and with any luck they’ll get more chances as the X-Division and other championships.

We have to add we’re glad to see TJP finally win the title and can’t wait to see how his reign as Manik will go.


This leaves Willie Mack, Ace Austin, and Rohit Raju as the favorites to win in our eyes, and it’s not going to be an easy task to pick one over the other.

Austin started the year off as X-Division Champion and held it for 171 days before Willie Mack defeated him at Rebellion.

Austin’s reign was full of fun moments as he didn’t hesitate to cause some wonderfully fun mayhem and chaos to hold onto the title before he finally lost it.

And we can’t forget that after his stint he set his eyes on the Impact World Championship with Madman Fulton at his side, and then switched to the tag team division when that didn’t pan out.

While Austin’s reign was memorable for various reasons, Wille Mack’s was just as memorable, but more so because he embodies the type of persona we can see ourselves relaxing and chatting with.

He was more along the lines of a people’s champion and brought a fun, laid back style to the title that balanced Austin’s drive and determined desire to retain it.

In all honesty, there’s not really anything that sets them apart in our minds as Austin was conniving and Mack was tenacious when it came to defending the X-Division Championship.

They were different enough that they complimented each other perfectly, and our choice to win the award has all of those qualities.

Yep, Impact Wrestling Preview is going with Rohit Raju. Rohit embodied every aspect we’d expect of a heel champion as he was conniving, manipulative, and tenacious.

He’d put up a great fight to hold onto his championship if needed, and we can’t forget how he manipulated Bey into trusting him so he could take the championship from him.

In many ways, Rohit was the perfect heel and we love him for it.

Let us know in the comments who you think will be named the X-Division Star of the Year tonight.

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