Impact Wrestling Results (12/15) – Chris Bey (w/Rohit Raju) Defeated Manik by Disqualification

Rohit lost his patience and cool to prove Manik ws TJP and attacked Bey, giving him the DQ win

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Impact Wrestling Results returned as Bey went after Manik as soon as the bell rang and beat him down and then stomped Manik in the corner.

Bey nailed Manik with a series of strikes and kicks in the corner before Bey choked him out with his foot.

Bey threw him into the opposite corner, but Manik dodged the charge and hit a head scissors.

Manik countered a tilt the whirl into a torture rack and slam.

Manik went Spider-man in the ropes and Bey missed with a dive and went to the floor. Manik then hit a suicide dive as we headed to commercial.

Rohit gets finessed

Back from commercial, the action was back in the ring with Manik in control hammering on Bey in the corner.

Manik hit a reverse elbow, and then dodged several of bey’s strikes on the apron before Bey finally nailed him with an elbow for a near pinfall.

Bey tried to pull the mask off, but chose to go back to pound on Manik instead. Bey hit with an uppercut, and leaping clothesline and a running knee in the corner for a near pinfall.

Bey locked in a reverse chin lock but Manik pulled back Bey’s thumbs and hit a couple of elbows and a kick coming off the ropes.

Bey countered a stretch with an elbow and then hit a knee drop and spinning elbow for a near pinfall.

Manik fought out of a stretch and hit a reverse suplex before Bey rolled through a hold for a pin attempt.

Bey hit a spin kick and dropkick that sent Manik to the floor.

Mani disappeared under the ring and Rohit couldn’t find him so the referee started to count him out.

Mani Appeared on the other side of the ring and hit a crossbody off the top rope as the count reached 9. Manik then hit a double knee and a Go to Sleep.

Manik tried to lock n a submission, but Bey grabbed the official and hit a low blow. Rohit came in to remove the mask and Bey told him to get out of the match, giving Bey the win by disqualification.

Rohit realized what he did, and not Bey will have a title shot and Rohit’s rematch is on the backburner.

Myers offers his services

Ethan Page approached Josh Alexander backstage and apologized for losing at Final resolution and tried to explain he has a plan but Alexander stopped him.

He told Page he’s the brother he never had, but Page needs to get help and figure it out because he wants the North to get back together.

Page told him “We will always have your back.”

Brian Myers came in and told Alexander it’s time to move on and tried to sell himself as Alexander’s new partner.

Alexander told him he’s already in a terrible mood and would rather kick Myers’ a–.

Omega’s tired of Rich Swann

Back in Omega’s van they went on about Swann disrespecting Anderson and omega called Swann Rich the Bi—.

Callis tried to get Anderson fired up and he said he knows they’re trying to work him up and he left.

Omega said he’s pissed and he’s tired of Rich Swann and he’s going to do something about him and apologized for what he’s going to do. Impact Wrestling Results think this will be worth the wait.

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