Impact Wrestling Results (12/15) – Karl Anderson Defeated Chris Sabin (w/Alex Shelley) by Pinfall; Return of the Bullet Club

Anderson rolled Sabin up for the pin

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Impact Wrestling Results came back and the match was already under way and Sabin countered a headlock with a leg scissors and Anderson got loose.

Anderson then locked in an armbar and worked on Sabin’s elbow. Sabin flipped out of the hold and flipped Anderson across the ring with an arm drag.

Sabin slapped on a side headlock and then hit Anderson with a shoulder block off the ropes and a dropkick to Anderson’s knee, but Anderson rolled away from trouble.

Anderson hit with a kick and a right after a break and then drove his elbow into Sabin’s face.

After a snapmare, Anderson continued tearing at Sabin’s face, and then raked his boot across his eyes.

He bounced Sabin off the other corner and Anderson talked some trash before he grabbed Sabin by his nose.

They exchanged blows as Sabin tried to fight out of a corner, but Anderson hit with a kick and went back to working Sabin’s eyes, and then stomped him down to the mat.

Sabin landed a coupe of rights, and Anderson raked Sabin’s eyes and threw him off the ropes.

Sabin ducked a clothesline and hit a tilt the world and Anderson headed to the floor.

Sabin jumped onto the apron and tried to kick Anderson, but Anderson caught his foot and drove him face first into the ring apron as we headed to commercial.

We came back and Anderson was still in control as he choked out Sabin and went for a pin attempt, then locked in a reverse chin lock.

Sabin tried to fight out of the hold by stomping on Anderson’s foot, and Anderson threw him down, and then stomped on Sabin’s hand.

Anderson locked in an armbar and ground Sabin into the mat with his forearm.

Sabin hit an arm drag takedown, and Anderson hit with a clothesline to remain in control.

Sabin hit a couple of rights and they collided heads coming off the ropes, giving Sabin a chance to get himself organized.

Sabin hit an inverted atomic drop and a couple of clotheslines and a flying back elbow.

Sabin headed to the top rope and hit a crossbody for a near pinfall.

Anderson hit with a kick and Sabin threw him into the corner and hit with a running boot and then a tornado DDT for a near pinfall.

Sabin picked up Anderson, but Anderson hit a couple elbow and they exchanged rights.

Sabin dropped Anderson to a knee and then hit with a knee in the ropes.

Bullet Club is back

They clotheslined each other two times in a row.

Anderson was the first one to his feet, but Sabin hit a couple of elbows and a step up kick.

Anderson caught Sabin in a spinebuster coming off the ropes.

Anderson went for the Gun Stun but Sabin countered into a backslide for a near pinfall, and Anderson rolled him up off the ropes and with a handful of tights got the pinfall win.

Swann came out onto the ramp to give Anderson some grief, and Callis told Omega he’s the champion and does what he wants.

Omega said a champion does what he wants and to watch a master at work.

Swann followed Anderson and told him he doesn’t need to cheat. Anderson nailed him and the MCMG came out and attacked Anderson.

Doc Gallows came in and wiped out the MCMGs and Swann hit him with a superkick.

Kenny Omega came in and knocked Swann out with a wet floor sign and Omega reunited the Bullet Club.

Callis made the match for Omega and the Good Brothers against Swann and the Motor City machine Guns at Hard to Kill.

This was an awesome match and ending to the show. What do you think of the Bullet Club reuniting? Let us know in the comments below, and thank you for joining Impact Wrestling Results.

We had a great time as always and look forward to seeing you all next week.

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