Impact Wrestling Results (12/15) – Moose and Willie Mack Make a Match

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Impact Wrestling Results returned as Anderson entered the arena and was met by Rich Swann and asked if Swann saw them and said he wanted to knock Sabin’s head off.

Swann asked why, because Omega asked him to and Anderson pointed out he calls Omega Kenny because he’s his friend and Omega is champ to Swann.

Sabin and Alex Shelley came up and Anderson backed off and said he’d see them in the ring later.

Mack’s challenge

Moose headed to the ring to explain his actions at Final Resolution where he handed Swann his title and then left him in peace.

Moose said Willie Mack won’t be able to compete in an Impact Wrestling ring for a couple of weeks because he took him out. He added it’s what he does — hurt people.

He said he’s not angry yet, but what does make him angry is after what he’s done to Mack the last few weeks and all anyone can talk about is the Impact World Champion Rich Swann.

Moose added that the difference between him and Swann is Swann stays hurt while Moose inflicts the pain. He said for Swann to ask Mack what pain feels like.

Mack came out but was headed off by a group of security people and he said he only wanted to talk to Moose.

When Moose asked if he wants to make him angry, Mack responded that he’s not mad eat Moose, but he’s mad at being hurt.

What pisses him off is when the referee says he can’t fight any more. He said he’ll face Moose at Genesis in an I Quit match where he can make his own decisions.

Moose tried to warn him about making a mistake like this, and Mack ran into the ring.

They exchanged a couple of blows before security separated them.

Moose broke free and dropped Mack with a single shot, and when he realized security ripped his suit he beat down the one responsible before he left the ring.

Gia stopped Moose backstage and she asked him what happened.

He said he’s tired of all the independent wrestlers looking for opportunities putting their hands on superstars and security guards ripping his shirt.

He said he understands they’re looking for opportunities, but they should never touch him. He promised that the next time they touch him they will get hurt.

Bey’s plan

Rohit Raju was backstage when Chris Bey entered and congratulated him on losing the X-Division Championship.

Rohit reminded him he’s not the only one that lost to night and he’ll get his rematch.

Bey asked him if a rematch was the easiest way to get his belt back and Rohit grabbed him and asked what he meant.

Bey said if they pull Manik’s mask off and the world sees it’s TJP he’ll hand the title over.

Rohit agreed, claiming he thought of it. Bey said he has the opportunity and invited Rohit to come with him to get his opportunity.

Rohit followed him out, excited that he’ll get his title back.

Tony Kahn buys air time

Tony Kahn and Tony Schiavone had another commercial promoting AEW Dynamite tomorrow night, especially Kenny Omega.

He called out Don Callis and said they had the highest ratings of the year and it’s free publicity.

Schiavone continued throwing shade at Impact Wrestling by saying no one knows where Axis tv is and jokes about Impact not having any fans.

Young’s influence builds

Eric Young cut an awesome promo about destroying sickness and said he found his reason for being there and Cody Deaner appeared across the table from him in handcuffs and he promised to baptize Cody.

This is one of Impact Wrestling Results favorite promos. Eric Young nails these every time. We ever get tired of him.

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