Impact Wrestling Results (12/8) – Chris Bey and Moose vs. Rich Swann and Willie Mack

Bey pinned Mack and Moose beat him unconscious

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Impact Wrestling Results returned as Deonna Purrazzo and Lee came up to D’Amore backstage complaining about how she’s expected to do much work.

He mocked them about taking care of Su Yung, and since they lost in the tournament, they can really focus on the Knockouts Championship and told her she’ll defend against Rosemary.

Edwards gets some revenge

In the arean, Sami Callihan was in the ring and did a mirror on the wall bit about how he’s the best wrestler in the world.

He said he’s the best in the ring, on the mic, and the most seen wrestler is him.

He took credit for making Impact Wrestling what it is, saying they need him more than he needs them. It’s why he gets away with what he does.

He pointed out how everyone was talking about when he hit Eddie Edwards in the head with his baseball bat, and since he’s a giving person he called up the footage of when he took out Edwards’ eye.

He said it get better every time he watches it, but Edwards refuses to stop sticking his nose in his business.

So Callihan decided to hit Edwards in the face with a baseball bat again and make the ratings go up. Sure, Shamrock was suspended for that, but he’s having fun.

He called up the clip from his last time with Edwards, but nothing played at first, and then Alisha Edwards came out.

He mocked her for being so small and pointed out what happened the last time she was in the ring and Eric Young nearly piledrove her.

He said Young is more polite than him and that he’d break her neck.

Edwards jumped Callihan from behind, and then stepped on Callihan’s hand when he went for his baseball bat.

Callihan ducked under Edwards’ swing and ducked out of the ring.

Backstage, Alisha told Eddie that she helped with his problem, so now he has to help with hers.

Chris Bey and Moose vs. Rich Swann and Willie Mack

Moose started it off against Swann, but Bey tagged himself in.

Bey and Swann then put on an athletic clinic on before Bey missed a dropkick, and then hip tossed Swann into the ropes, and Swann nailed him on the rebound as we headed to commercial.

Back to the ring, Moose and Mack were going at it and Mack hit a dropkick and then a running kick before nailing Moose with a cannonball.

Moose caught Mack and hit with a one armed slam and pulled Mack up for a second on.

He then dragged Bey in to be power bombed on Mack for a near pinfall.

Bey stomped Willie, then kicked him in the midsection before choking him out with his foot.

Bey pulled Mack up and Moose tagged in and nailed Mack in the kidneys.

Facing Swann, Moose slammed Mack and beat on him while talking trash to Swann.

Bey came in and hit a leg drop or a pin attempt. He followed that with a knee to Mack’s back, and Moose tagged himself in.

Mack hit an uppercut, a chop, and then a clubbing blow to drive Mack to the mat.

Moose got in Swann’s face, and when he turned back, Mack hit two stunners to knock Moose off his feet.

Swann came in and ducked under Moose and hit Bey, then hit Moose with a trio of kicks.

Moose hung on to a hurricanranna and power bombed Swann.

Bey came in as Moose was sent over the top rope and hit Bey with a kick on the top rope, superkicked Moose twice, then hit a hurricanranna on Bey onto Moose for a near pinfall.

Swann then hit a neckbreaker on Bey, but Mack missed a frig splash and Bey sent him into the corner, then hit Swann with a kick before Mack knocked him out.

Moose took out Mack with a spinning kick and beat on Mack. Swann saved Mack, but bey managed to crawl over to cover Mack for the win.

This was a pretty good match, though Impact Wrestling Results would’ve liked to have seen the part we missed during the commerial.

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