Impact Wrestling Speculation – Will Sami Callihan Accept Tony Kahn’s AEW Offer?

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On last night’s Impact Wrestling (12/22), Tony Kahn bought more commercial time where he continued saying he could file an injunction to keep Kenny Omega from appearing in an Impact ring.

He added that he wouldn’t, and teased about purchasing Impact and signing its talent.

Aside from channeling his best impression of Vince McMahon, he also issued an open invitation to Impact Wrestling talent to stop by AEW Dynamite or Dark this week or next.

It’s a great move as both promotions have given chances to wrestlers in small promotions, and it helps the two companies expand their current partnership.

And there’s at least one member of Impact Wrestling’s roster that publicly stated he may take Tony up on that offer.

Careful what you ask for

It appears Tony Kahn has gotten the attention of Sami Callihan, and if he shows up tonight or next week we can be sure it’s going to be entertaining.

For starters, he has a previous feud waiting for him in Brian Cage, the man he defeated for the Impact World Championship.

Callihan also broke a champagne bottle over Cage’s wife’s, Melissa Santos, head and piledrove her the following week in his quest for the aforementioned title.

With Melissa hosting Impact Wrestling on Twitch every Tuesday night, and Cage appearing with her for brief appearances here and there, there’s reason to believe she could appear in AEW as well.

She’s also told fans on Twitch that she’ll never forgive Callihan for what he did to her, so If nothing else, Callihan appearing on the show already has plenty of fun potential.

Plus, it’d be fun to see him mess with Taz and create a different turf war of sorts there. And we can’t forget that Ken Shamrock may be waiting in the wings to come to Callihan’s aid.

Plenty of other targets

This doesn’t mean that we expect this to be his sole opportunity as Callihan loves to cause carnage with whomever crosses his path.

This may just be us, but it’d be fun to see him go after Cody Rhodes and really mess up AEW’s golden boy’s night.

With so much to pick from, it’s hard to pick who he could tangle with, and that also leads us to the prospect he may just pop in to ruffle some feathers.

Maybe cost someone a match or just aggravate Cage or others that happen to gain his interest.

One thing we know for certain is it’s going to be fun seeing the Draw in action on AEW programming if he decides to stop by.

Who would you like to see crossover and face off with AEW talent? Let us know in the comments below.

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