Keiji Mutoh To Challenge Go Shiozaki In Headliner Match As NOAH Returns To Budokan Hall

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Pro Wrestling NOAH has built up a reputation in the last few years as the puroresu equivalent to Impact Wrestling. This is mostly due to them working alongside Impact as recently as 2017 when Eddie Edwards was GHC Heavyweight Champion, but also because NOAH is never going to die, and always finds a new way to survive. Over the past few years, they’ve built their reputation back up, namely due to the hard work of men like the current GHC Heavyweight Champion, Go Shiozaki.

They’ve done so well, that they are getting back into the historic venue known as Budokan Hall. That show needs a huge main event, and while there are better in-ring matches they could have pulled off, they are going with a legend in the main event slot. Keiji Mutoh, better known to some as The Great Muta, has stepped up the plate.

Keiji Mutoh Has One Last Chance To Make History

One of the all time greats, Mutoh is someone who has been everywhere, and has claimed many world championships. He’s a former one time NWA World Heavyweight Champion, four time IWGP Heavyweight Champion, and three time Triple Crown Champion in AJPW. There is only one belt that has eluded him, that being the GHC Heavyweight Championship. He has never had a chance to claim it until now, and at 57 years old, this could be his one and only chance.

If Mutoh is able to beat his much younger opponent in the hallowed halls of Budokan Hall, if he can beat Shiozaki at the top of his game, he makes history. Mutoh has a chance to join Kensuke Sasaki & Yoshihiro Takayama to join the very prestigious group of men who have held the major titles of NJPW, AJPW and Pro Wrestling NOAH. Other legends like Satoshi Kojima, Minoru Suzuki, Yuji Nagata and Jun Akiyama are all only one title win away as well.

Satoshi Kojima & Yuji Nagata need the GHC Heavyweight, but are seemingly in New Japan until retirement. Jun Akiyama & Minoru Suzuki need the IWGP Heavyweight, but hasn’t been in a New Japan ring since 2012, and Suzuki is 0-6 in attempts to win it, from 2004 to 2019. Mutoh arguably has the best shot.

If Mutoh wins, he will likely drop the belt soon after to Kaito Kiyomiya, a young name with potential to be the future ace of NOAH. He & Mutoh had a good match earlier this year, but Mutoh had come out on top. Does this legend have one more title win in his old bones? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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