NJPW Super J Cup 2020: Chris Bey Profile

Can Bey Make A Run?

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Chris Bey via Impact Wrestling

New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) brings Super J Cup 2020 live to fans of the company on December 12th through its own New Japan World streaming service and FITE TV. The seemingly now annual New Japan of America (NJoA) single-elimination tournament has drawn a bit of buzz due to the collective field of wrestlers from within and outside the IWGP Conception (NJPW, Ring of Honor [ROH], Revolution Pro Wrestling [RevPro], and Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre [CMLL]). While travel made it nearly impossible for a CMLL or RevPro representative, the field remains quite strong.

Since making his Impact Wrestling [Impact] debut in February 2019, Chris Bey has gone on to become X Division Champion and make a name for himself within the company. While his reign wasn’t lengthy, Bey solidified himself as a worthy challenge for any junior champion across the world.

He makes his NJPW debut during the one-night Super J Cup 2020 while representing Impact. He receives the most fortunate first-round draw as he faces NJPW Los Angeles (LA) Dojo Young Lion and Lion’s Break Crown 2020 winner Clark Connors.

A victory over the Young Lion will put Bey in a position to face one of two veterans [TJP or ACH] in the second round; however, he cannot allow himself to look past Connors, who has shown the ability to rough up his opposition with a physically intense style.

Bey may not be one of the favorites to win Super J Cup 2020, yet he has shown the ability to go on a run when he needs to. He could make a statement within NJPW if he catches fire on December 12th.

Everything for Bey depends on his match against Connors; if he can come out of it clean, everything is on the table for him. Could the golden jacket trophy be in his future?

Clark Connors [left] And Chris Bey [right] Super J Cup 2020 First Round Match Graphic via New Japan Pro Wrestling
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