OVW TV 1113 Recap (12/13) – “OVW Christmas Chaos 2020 Aftermath”

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Hello and welcome to OVW TV 1113 Recap!

It’s going to be fun seeing the aftermath of Christmas Chaos as we get a look at Brian Pillman Jr.’s rise to OVW Heavyweight Champion.

We’ll also see Pillman and “Mr. PEC-Tacular” Jesse Godderz’s first words before their match at Nightmare Rumble.

Let’s get to the action!

Bryan Kennison and Steve Johnson started it off with their surprise co-host Jesse Godderz, OVW’ National Heavyweight Champion.

This was the next Gift of Godderz and he urged Kennison to keep going on about how great he is as they introduced Brian Pillman Jr.’s first OVW match.

OVW TV 1096 – Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Ashton Cove

It was a fun beginning to Pillman’s career in OVW as he showed off his athleticism before he hit a M-1 Grand for the win in a short match.

Steve Johnson began the next segment to Godderz’s annoyance as Godderz explained how much money his appearance there was costing.

OVW TV 1099 – Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Ryan Howe

These would be future tag team partners, but at this point they were competing for the number one contendership for the OVW Heavyweight Championship.

These are two of our favorites, and was a good match as they played to each other’s vanity and exchanged some good shots.

Pillman eventually won by hitting his M-1 Grand for the pin.

Jesse Godderz welcomed us back for the next segment and was nice enough to give Pillman props for his $10 haircut while his own cost $1000.

National Heavyweight Championship

The next segment was Godderz’s drive to winning the OVW National Championship from OVW TV 1100, to OVW TV 1103’s rumble which had Godderz survive thanks to Shannon the Dude’s help.

He went on to win the rumble after he eliminated Pillman to be named the first OVW National Champion.

Back in the ring, Kennison and Godderz had a fun back and forth as they introduced PIllman’s first attempt to win the OVW Heavyweight Championship.

OVW TV 1100 Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Tony Gunn

This was a great match that Gunn eventually lost after hitting a low blow to purposely be disqualified to keep his title.

Pillman and Godderz exchange words

Back in the ring, Kennison introduced Pillman through satellite to join in the interview.

Pillman said one champion falling and another rising is the natural order of things and he wants to restore thing to wrestling being in the ring.

He said he wants to have clean matches and clean title defenses.

Pillman then pointed out how Godderz came in during the middle of a pandemic to take advantage of things to win his title.

Godderz replied that he’s a huge fan of Pillman’s dad but not him, and he was waiting for Pillman to show him respect and thank him for giving him two opportunities.

Godderz said that on January 9 Pillman will have a chance to defeat him in the ring.

Pillman pointed out the OVW Heavyweight title has a lineage and is one of the most prestigious belts ever, putting it above the National title.

He then said he’ll be the one to make the National title important and make Godderz the shortest champion reign in history.

While Pillman was speaking, Godderz had grabbed Kinneson’s neck and he was having trouble talking while he introduced a previous moment between Gunn, Pillman, and Godderz.

This was a great segment as it continued the growing feud between the three men.

Back from commercial, Bryan Kennison was still in Godderz’s hold while Godderz ranted a little bit about what Pillman had said.

Godderz said Pillman made this personal after insulting him and he intends to make an example out of Pillman.

Christmas Chaos 2020 – OVW Heavyweight Championship – Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Tony Gunn

Godderz threw a steel chair into the ring while Pillman was restrained with handcuffs.

Pillman got loose after dropping Gunn with a few headbutts and a DDT.

Pillman his a M-1 Grand off the top rope and onto a steel chair for the win.

Godderz finished the show by pointing out Pillman won because of him.

This was a pretty entertaining show despite being a recap episode. Godderz was hitting on all cyclinders co-hosting and Kennison and Johnson were great as well.

What did you think of it and will Pillman defeat Godderz at Nightmare Rumble January 9? Let OVW TV 1113 Recap know in the comments below.

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