Ring Of Honor Results: Dalton Castle vs. Brian Johnson

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At Final Battle, Dalton Castle would challenge Rey Horus to an impromptu match for the show. Despite being a former ROH World Champion, he’d fail to get the win. Elsewhere on the show, Brian Johnson failed to defeat Danhausen and stop him from earning a Ring Of Honor contract. One of these two men will get back on track tonight with a win, as Castle also looks to get some revenge after being disrespected by Johnson last month.

Castle was just after losing to Brody King, when Johnson mouthed off and threw a drink in his face. Matches have been made from less, and Johnson wants to prove he’s the future of this company by putting Castle down, giving both men serious motivation here.

Meca Versus Peacock

No code of honor, as Johnson went for a punch and almost got put away with a Bangarang early. Castle was serious, and Johnson slipped away only to get trapped and dropped with a suplex, before being punished on the mat with strikes and submissions. He’d fight to his feet and get enough space to drop Castle over the top rope with a flapjack. Castle tried to get back into the ring, took a boot to the face and Johnson took flight.

He’d spend some time mouthing off to the camera and Castle got back into this by slamming him into the barricade, but lost this chance after being running into the turnbuckle with a lariat. Now the Peacock has an injured wing, and Johnson took him into the ring to take control. He’d be relentless with his attack on the arm, getting a jumping armbreaker before we went to a commercial break.

It Takes Better Than A Perfect Match To Beat Dalton Castle

Coming back, Castle has yet to find an opening yet, but slipped to the outside to find his head. Johnson would attack the elbow, and try to throw Castle into the ring. Castle tried for his variant of the Tiger Feint kick, but couldn’t get the full spin as he had to use the hurt arm to do so. Johnson quickly attacked with a slingshot splash, with his feet on the ropes. The referee caught this, but Johnson remained in control.

He was wrestling a perfect match! Any time that Castle tried to get in control, he’d have the arm attacked. That would only last up until Castle got a lariat and a quick knee strike, before Johnson slipped to the apron. He’d just snap the arm over the top rope, but Castle got him on the top rope and got another knee strike, this time Johnson fell off and got crotched on the top rope.

Castle tried to set up a superplex, but Johnson got an armbreaker off the top rope, and hit the Tower of London for a near fall! Johnson was almost rolled up by Castle, before countering, but would be caught with a German Suplex. A running knee in the corner, a lariat and a Bangarang later? Dalton Castle wins, and we get a handshake, respect earned on both sides.

Can Brian Johnson get even better in time? Will Dalton Castle get back to a top level? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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